Albatron GeForce FX5200 Ultra

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Image Quality:

Testing Procedure :

To test the Image Quality of the Albatron FX5200U, we used the Image Quality tool built in to 3dMark2003. We ran at 1024×768 resolution and ran the test on the Wings of Fury and Mother Nature game tests. We ran each game three times: at default settings, with 4xAA, and with 4xAA with Trilinear Filtering. We then used Photoshop 7 to crop out a section of the screen shot but did not reduce the quality of the image at all. You can click on the thumbnails to see the full image.

Results of Wings of Fury:

No AA / 4x AA / 4x AA and Trilinear Filtering

Results of Nature:

No AA / 4x AA / 4x AA and Trilinear Filtering

As is noticed on most video cards, the difference between No Anti-Aliasing and 4x Anti-Aliasing is impressive. Almost all of those jagged edges disappear. When you throw on Trilinear filtering, you can notice the detail getting a bit sharper, but is not very noticeable overall. The improvement from the budget Geforce 4 MX series to the Geforce FX series is present and worth the upgrade, but on par with ATI’s current budget series.

I would say that the overall image quality of the Albatron FX5200U is very good.

Now on to the conclusion.

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