Abit wins big deal in UK

Looks like the bit of good news Abit is getting isn’t having much effect on their stock, which continues to spiral downward. Kind of amazing when you consider the popularity of their products

Yahoo Finance

DESPITE THE FINANCIAL drama that is happening to Abit in Taiwan, we hear that there are some positive things happening. We heard that the Abit motherboard and graphic division is making profit for quite some time and that there are no reasons for being worried about its future.

One strong fact to support this argument comes from top retail hardware shop chain PC World. It made a deal with Abit where it will start selling Abit graphic card on its shelves. This will make Abit one of the two manufacturers who are making ATI based graphic cards and selling in PC World stores. The second one is, we believe, Sapphire. Actually we saw some Sapphire cards in the shelves of a PC World store the other day in London.

Knowing that PC World is a serious retail chain store we don?t think that it would go into serious businesses with financially weak Abit.

Abit wants to make its graphic card line stronger than it is now and wants to become a serious player in this league. It’s not that easy knowing the ATI chip food chain but the boys and girls from Abit are real fighters.

You can see here what the UK retail market looks like and that Sapphire is the only ATI partner that sold any serious quantities in retail for the Yule period while the others prefer to go for etail.

Abit also wants to promote its cards such is Fatal1ty X700XT and other upcoming Fatal1ty cards, because they are actually different from other ATI reference based cards.”


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