ABIT AV8 Under Fire

“Many Abit motherboard users didn’t have a quite so merry christmas this year according to the Abit support forums.

There seems to be a problem with the new Abit AV8 motherboard for the socket 939 Athlon64. From what I’ve read in the numerous forum posts it appears to work fine with the old 130nm Newcastle core Athlon64, but if you put in a new 90nm Winchester core Athlon64 the motherboard reads “9.0.” on the digital display and just sits there, not even sending a signal to the video card to turn on the monitor. What does this mean? If you ordered a Abit AV8 motherboard and new Athlon64 processor online to build a new PC it won’t work.

According to members of the forum a bios upgrade fixes the problem, but you can’t upgrade what you can’t see and Abit doesn’t say a bios upgrade will fix the problem in it’s description of the bios revisions and in the facts it says that POST code “90” (do they mean 9.0.?) means a failed overclock. In fact no where on the Abit site does it even admit there’s even a problem except for in the forums.”

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