A-DATA PD17 2GB USB Flash Drive Review

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With nearly everyone, it seems, having a need for a mobile storage solution, the sleek keychain design of the A-DATA PD17 keeps it with you whenever you need it. So long as you don’t loose it before it makes it to your keychain, the PD17 will remain reliable with a data retention rating of up to 10 years and a lifetime warranty.

A-DATA PD17 in use

The image above shows the A-DATA PD17 in it’s element: on a set of keys and in a USB port. We saw no signs of stress on the PD17 that would indicate that the PD17 could break by the weight of the keys while in use. We were a little concerned with this at first, but it seems the PD17 is able to handle the load just fine.

The A-DATA PD17 is currently going for US$30.10 at ZipZoomFly at the time of publication. Some of you may think this is a reasonable price while others may not. Other name brand 1GB flash drives can be had for $10-$15. So our readers will have to decide if the sleek and ‘noble’ design justifies the slightly higher cost.

A-DATA PD17 on set of keys

Legit Bottom Line: The A-DATA PD17 has on-par performance with average USB 2.0 flash drives and offers a sleek, modern, minimalist design. And you don’t have to worry about a cap!

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