200 Word Per Minute Computer Keyboard Is In The Making

A retired music theorist, who has been playing piano and typing since 1960, has drafted up a preliminary model of a computer keyboard layout, which he believes will enable most people to type at least 100 wpm, and will see the world’s fastest typists racing at 200 wpm or higher. The keyboard is the brainchild of Joseph M. Krush, Ph. D. when he set out to make a keyboard that is superior to the 138-year-old QWERTY layout, which is being used by almost all computer users to this day. Krush’s keyboard consists of four new features. Most important, it uses a 12×3 layout, in which the 12 most commonly used letters lay in the home row, and the next 12 lay in the row above, so that 99.8% of typing is done in these two rows. He also introduces a Double Shift Key, located where the spacebar is now. The kicker is that he is looking for funding to make the keyboard, which you can find out more about here.


“This key has enabled me to eliminate the entire top row of the current keyboard by placing the digits, and their shift position symbols, in the home row, and in the row above, respectively,” says Krush.


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