Half Life 2 owners awaiting server activation

Since Valve and Vivendi have been in a legal tiff over the release of Half Life 2, it seems copies sold this past Tuesday may still be awaiting server authentication. As Charlie Demerjian of the Inquirer writes, Best Buy and Target stores whom sold copies three days early, apparently sold copies made by Vevindi, “blindsiding” Valve. In a ironic twist …more

ATI CATALYST 4.12 Beta Released!

Although ATI won’t say that this is the “special” driver for Half Life 2 we can say that it is and it has been released this afternoon!!  It’s officially known as the Beta 4.12 driver and weighs in at 21.7mb in size. As mentioned by my friend Fudo in the Inquirer, we would release this driver …more

Dell desktops may have defective thermal modules

Several Dell desktop models introduced in the third quarter of this year may have defective heat pipe thermal modules, which may cause the systems to run noisy or even shutdown, according to sources at Taiwan PC makers. The built-in thermal module has just two heat pipes, while most industry solutions use three, and therefore the …more

Web links help virus spread

Bofra is out and spreading around the internet pretty quickly!  It was the first of several types of worms that appeared on November 10th. They exploit a Windows vulnerability that was discovered only a few days earlier.  Go figure huh… “Virus writers have begun using the power of the web to spread their malicious wares. A Windows virus called …more

PCPower&Cooling Introduces ETX PSU’s for 1st QTR

PCPower&Cooling will be introducing two new PSU’s for 1st Quarter next year. The 700ETX, and 850ETX are designed primarily for dual video, dual processor environments. The latter will be introduced early in the 1st Quarter, with the 700ETX following soon after. Overclocker’s as well as PC-Enthusiast’s alike seeking a truly stable power source for their nForce-4 …more

Windows XP update starts to weed out pirate keys

“MICROSOFT HAS started implementing features in upgrades to Windows XP which specifically prevent users of pirated keys from upgrading parts of the operating system.” The Inquirer

Media Center PCs: The End is Nigh

“MEDIA CENTER PCs may promise yet another computing utopia but they are nothing more than a self-replicating virus that will wipe out a cherished way of life. You won’t see it in the marketing brochures but to those of us with more than teenage bum-fluff on our chins, they spell the end of a tradition …more

PCI Express Today

“There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the PCI Express bus and many other technologies released around the same time. For some reason most people were expecting PCI Express to dramatically boost the performance of today’s high-end graphics cards. Despite the fact that there is no evident bottle-necking of the AGP 8x bus, …more

MS Office 12’s Secrets Begin to Trickle Out

“Microsoft still isn’t ready to talk publicly about Office 12, its next major release of its information-worker family of products. But the company is briefing selected partners and customers about the forthcoming family of Office desktop and server products.” Eweek.com

Review Round-Up

Today’s Must Read Review: Kyle Bennett sure thinks that the Geforce Go 6800 is a killer mobile GPU and goes on to say this:  “The GeForce Go 6800 is undoubtedly the best mobile GPU we have every gamed with. The GeForce Go 6800 provided a better gaming experience than we see on many desktop computers. …more

Microsoft Windows XP64 still slated for end Q1 2005

I’ll believe it when I see it. “PEOPLE GETTING THEIR hopes up for an early release of Windows XP for 64 bit chips can relax a bit longer, they’ll probably not be surprised to learn. According to sources at Intel Taiwan, the earliest we can expect to see such an operating system is at the …more

What Athlon do I buy?

Here is a very nice little guide to AMD CPUs written by Thrax over at Shortmedia “”What Athlon do I buy?” To begin to answer that question here is a compiled list of all the current platforms and brief outlines for each including my personal recommendations for what’s hot and what’s not.” Shortmedia

FollowUp: More Single Layer to Dual Layer Modding

FollowUp: More Single Layer to Dual Layer Modding

Legit Reader Dale has just tested the instructions listed in our latest Modding Review: Single Layer to Dual Layer.  The only difference being that he tested them with the Lite-On 812s Single Layer Burner. We had hinted in our article that it appears to be the case that the Lite-On 812s is the exact same …more

Firm claims auto-phishing emails discovered

“MESSAGE LABS said it has intercepted emails which auto-capture bank details when they’re opened. It says it interecepted several emails at the end of October targeting three Brazilian banks, but the technique may be used for other banks. Usually, “phishing” emails work by masquerading as legitimate emails from banks and other online services. “ The …more