Spring Forward, Fall Back

It is that weekend again where many of us across the world need to remember to change our clocks as Daylight Savings Time halts and Standard Time resumes. So this is your friendly LR reminder… don’t forget to set you clocks back and hour tonight so you can get that extra hour of sleep in …more

MSI launches nForce 4-based K8N

Anand wrote an SLI article which uses this mobo… you can read his article here. “The K8N Diamond features the Nvidia nForce4 SLI MCP (media and communication processor), and the graphics interface can be set to a single PCI Express x16 or dual PCI Express x8. According to MSI, the K8N Diamond can accelerate 3D …more

Pentium4 1066MHz Bus : Introduction / Testbed

“We only see an increase of 4-9% in scores on the 1066MHz bus compared to the 800MHz bus and considering the fact that the CPU is running about 320MHz higher (or 9% faster), the scores are definitely not impressive. Intel will definitely need to do more than just increase the system bus to compete with …more

Security Roundup (10-26-2004)

“Its time to update your computer with the latest reference files and or other security tools. Does your computer act strange? Then it could be spyware and all the other nasty software floating arround the internet. We have a list with the latest updates and tools for the maximum security against virusses, spyware, spam and …more

AMD Athlon64 Top product of the year

“SUNNYVALE, CA — October 26, 2004 –AMD announced today that the AMD Athlon 64 processor received Product of the Yea honors in Computer Shopper magazine s list of The Best in Tech 2004.” TechConnect Magazine

AMD has revised its AMD Athlon 64 Processor Power

Interesting article, but to me it seems to have a slightly anti-AMD twiat. Its a basic concept that when you O/C a system, all parts are working over their specs and requiring extra juice, and as neither AMD nor Intel condone O/Cing, neither are really going to tell you what their product will do if …more

ATI Introduces DirectX 9 and PCI Express to Value Graphics Market: PowerColor X300SE Graphics Card

“…….Cutting it short, the PowerColor X300 SE can be characterized like this: a high-quality inexpensive graphics card for users who don’t need fast 3D but want to have the functionality missing in integrated graphics solutions. As the PCI Express bus is gaining in popularity, there will appear inexpensive computers with this interface. Many of such …more

Inte’s Desktop Dual-Core Chips to be Clocked at 3.20GHz, Says Report

“Intel’s code-named Smithfield dual-core desktop processors will be clocked at around 3.00GHz clock-speed and will support 64-bit capability, claims report at AnandTech web-site, however, the chips will not sport Hyper-Threading technology along with high-speed processor system bus.” X-Bit Labs

5 New Southbridges for Smithfield

“In addition to the ICH7 for standard PCs, there will be an ICH7 DH for entertainment PCs, an ICH7 DO for digital-office devices, an ICH7 DE for digital-enterprise applications and an ICH7 R for RAID storage applications, the sources noted.” DigiTimes Daily IT News

AMD comes with New PC Platform

“AMD, the world’s second largest maker of PC microprocessors, is preparing to roll-out a reference design of a computer that will serve for people in emerging markets and cannot afford even entry-level computers.” TechConnect Magazine

Peeping Tom filter lets phones see through bikinis

“A developer in Tokyo has created an add-on for Vodafone handsets that’s meant to be used as a night filter to let people take pictures with their phones in the dark.” CNET News

Your PC May Be Less Secure Than You Think

“A survey conducted by Internet service provider America Online found that 20 percent of home computers were infected by a virus or worm, and that various forms of snooping programs such as spyware and adware are on a whopping 80 percent of systems. Despite that, more than two thirds of home users think they are …more

TiVo Hackers Tweak Together

“The hard-drive technique is simple. TiVo enthusiasts have developed computer programs that can initialize a hard drive so it will be recognized by the device. Hook the drive up to your computer, run the program, connect the hard drive to the TiVo and you’re basically done.” TechNewsWorld

ABIT Makes Step Back Towards NVIDIA’s Chipsets

“ABIT, a maker of mainboards aimed at enthusiasts and gamers, unveiled its mainboard based on NVIDIA nForce3 chipset, a product that was under question after a dispute between ABIT and NVDIA Corp. earlier this year. The new product is expected to offer users sufficient performance and competitive price, says ABIT.” X-Bit Labs