Epox to make 754 pin Nforce 4 boards

“MOBO FIRM Epox will introduce a Nforce 4 754 motherboard, based on the Nforce 4 Ultra chipset. It will be a high end board and will support all but SLI. It won’t arrive before at least February or maybe even later in Q1, that’s the plan. For all 754 Athlon supporters and for Sempron 754 …more

Fresh Outlook

Firefox and the Netscape browsers from the Mozilla Foundation have grabbed a lot of attention lately, but no “ditch Microsoft” effort is complete as long as your e-mail is humming through Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. After all, the Microsoft Outlook siblings are among the most popular targets for virus writers and worm mavens. Malicious …more

Browser Wars

Are you sick and tired of Internet Explorer? Have you grown weary of the constant vulnerabilities and patches? Do you scratch your head at sudden program lockups and crashes? Are you dismayed that Microsoft hasn’t lifted a finger to improve or enhance IE since it buried Netscape’s Navigator browser at the dawn of the century? …more

AMD 2005 CPU Roadmap Details

“SOME CRAZY Japanese fellows have got some juicy data on the road ahead for AMD in 2005. Once we pick our way through the funky symbols that our computers don’t display properly, there’s some good stuff in there. San Diego and Toledo are two names that you’ll hear a lot about, and not just because …more

AMD CPU Roadmap Update

“2004 is coming to a close, and it has been a pretty exciting year for AMD. While it launched in 2003, 2004 was the year that the Athlon 64 really came into its own. Prices dropped to more affordable levels, and performance was improved to the point where even the best that Intel has to …more

Flaw found in Google’s new desktop search

SAN FRANCISCO–A Rice University computer scientist and two of his students have discovered a potentially serious security flaw in the desktop search tool for personal computers that was recently distributed by Google. The glitch, which could permit an attacker to secretly search the contents of a personal computer via the Internet, is what computer scientists …more

Hotmail dumps McAfee’s antivirus for Trend Micro

“According to Microsoft, e-mails and attachments sent or received by any of Hotmail’s 187 million Web mail customers will be scanned in real time by Trend Micro’s antivirus software beginning Monday. Hotmail’s antivirus service was previously provided by McAfee and the reason for the change is unclear. However, Martin Hoffman, chief executive of Ninemsn, which …more

ATI Ships More than 5 Million Chips for High Definition TVs

“ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT) announced that in 2004 ATI’s Digital Television division shipped more than 5 million chips for HD (high-definition) TVs and HD cable and terrestrial set-top boxes. In addition, ATI announced market leadership in ATSC/OpenCable silicon solutions with an ATI-estimated 85% market share for THEATER and NXT demodulators and a …more

Processors: AMD’s gains, Intel’s pains

 Intel will recall 2004 as a time of troubles, while AMD will relive the year much more fondly. Intel saw several product glitches. It pushed back the introduction of its second-generation Pentium M notebook processor from early 2004 into May. Although its latest desktop Pentium 4 processor came out on time in February, it was …more

Software mavens crit Intel, AMD 64-bit plans

“ A LINUX KERNEL expert thinks it’s rather unfair to compare Intel’s Nocona and soon to be Prescott EM64T with AMD’s 64-32 bit tech. That appears to be the gist of an overview of the X86-64 kernel presented in a PDF, which you can find here.” The Inquirer

Nvidia to present Pure Video tomorrow

“ WHEN PEOPLE DESCRIBE graphics as “pure”, that should mean that you are able to make the video part of a graphic chips to work. I guess that’s what Nvidia finally managed to do but only with NV41, Geforce 6600 series of cards. Nvidia briefed the press in the USA a few days ago about this …more

OpenOffice 2.0 preview released

I’m back from the Winter CPL in Dallas……Had a pretty good time, met some great people, and had one the worst traveling experiences of all time. Well, back to the news. “THE SUN-SPONSORED OpenOffice.org project based on open sourced StarOffice code has released a preview of the upcoming OpenOffice 2.0 product. This version touts better …more

2004 Winter CPL Pictures Posted

Rich and I are down in Dallas for the Winter CPL and just wanted to bring you a quick update as to what is going on.  So far the event is going smoothly and not too much news worthy is going on it.  We managed to take a dozen photos from day one and post them …more

Overlooked benefit of SLI

While Gamer’s are strained on silicon at the bit, to get their names on top of the Futuremark Hall of Fame many may have overlooked other benefit’s two videocards in parallel can offer. Harking back to the Parhelia days when three monitors were all the rage, now SLI can provide 4 x DVI display capability. The Inquirer reports Gainward’s 6600GT offers …more