ATI prepares two new chipsets

“ ATI IS WORKING to improve two chipsets. Its RS480 and RX480 families had some features that could certainly do with a sound tweaking. Both chipsets suffered from USB 2.0 slowdown, lack of LAN and Azalia-like audio. Early adopters of ATI’s chipsets used the ULI Southbridge as it did had all those features ready and good …more

Scientists Seek to Forge Diamond Computer Chip

Great, now my wife is going to want a 5K, princess cut processor!  “ Only a few are singing about them yet, but it could turn out that diamonds are a computer’s best friend. Damon Jackson is one researcher who sees the sparkling gems as a way to overcome the limitations of the silicon chips that …more

Nvidia to pitch NV48 at ATI’s R520

“ Nvidia will launch against ATI’s next-generation high-end graphics chip, the R520, in Q2 2005. So claim sources from among Taiwan’s graphics card manufacturer community, cited by DigiTimes.  They also allege that the part, codenamed NV48, will be fabbed by TSMC at 110nm, and not by IBM. The sources claim the move is a result …more

More Americans Buying Digital Cameras

I will shortly be joining this group. Someone in Texas is enjoying a new Olympus digital camera, complete with several pictures of the Winter CPL in Dallas……whoever you are, Marry Christmas! A novelty item just four or five years ago, the digital camera is shaping up as the most popular electronics gift in 2004, according …more

New Worm Spreads Via Google

Here’s an update to today’s big story. I guess this has already affected several sites….. Antivirus companies are warning Internet users about a fast-spreading new worm that infects Web servers running a popular package of online bulletin board software, and uses the Google search engine to find vulnerable servers to infect. The worm, dubbed Santy.A, …more

New Year, New PCs?

“Consumers thinking about buying a new personal computer in 2005 might be better off putting off their purchase until 2006. With few major changes in PC hardware or software due over the next year, the PC of 2005 is likely to look awfully similar to the PC of today. Big changes aren’t due until 2006, …more

Major bug in PHP opens database security hole

“ A SERIOUS BUG in the popular PHP development language can leave databases wide open to intrusion if the proper security steps aren’t taken. A posting over the weekend to the development homepage of forum software phpBB highlighted the issue, which had already been picked up by security consultants Secunia on Thursday. The exploit, which affects …more

Prudence hammers AMD

“ SHARES IN AMD fell today after the Prudential [Didn’t it use to do pensions? Ed.] said that it wouldn’t be able to produce enough chips to sell in 2005. Maybe Prudential Equity has never visited Dresden, but we suspect AMD would love it if that were true. We think it could well suffer from overcapacity …more

Intel stressed out in Tom’s Hardware test

“USUALLY I burble on for a few paragraphs more en route to a complete wibble. But this stress test on Tom’s Hardware leaves me lost for my guid Scottish words. The good news is that after years of complaining, the good people on the West Coast of Scotland won’t have to pay to cross the …more

Half-Life® 2 Demo now available

Click here to download the Demo….but realize this monster is over 700MB!!! “By taking the suspense, challenge and visceral charge of the original Half-Life, and adding startling new realism and responsiveness, Half-Life® 2 opens the door to a world where the player’s presence affects everything around him, from the physical environment to the behaviors …more

Via K8T890 delayed

“ IT’S NOT ONLY NVIDIA that has problems delivering enough PCIe chipsets. Via is sharing the same destiny, according to reports. The only difference is that has Nvidia pushed a few thousand Nforce 4 boards out already. Even though it was expected in the middle of November, K8T890 doesn’t seem to have come to market. We …more

Geforce 6200TC works slowly with 512MB memory

“ OUR DUTCH friend, winner of the INQ 2004 fashion award, has noticed something about 6200TC that many other people haven’t. When he tested NV44, Geforce 6200TC he didn’t want to follow Nvidia’s master plan. Nvidia advised people to use fast CPUs and 1024 MB of memory. That’s not any kind of entry level system to …more

HP pushes Athlon 64 Media Centre

“ A READER said he was staggering into the second to shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere yesterday, when a radio ad made him think he was hallucinating. HP was advertising an Athlon 64 Media Centre machine and during advert not only was AMD’s chip mentioned three or four times, HP also mentioned …more

Geforce 6800 GT/Ultra PCIe internally overclocked

“ KNOWLEDGEABLE SOURCES from Taiwan claim that there are too many PCBs that are waiting for NV40 chips. Nvidia is definitely failing to provide these chips to many of its customers. Geforce 6800 Ultra and GT PCIe are based on the good old NV40 core paired with BR2. Nvidia calls it NV45. Nvidia was happy to …more