950W Power Supply Units Sneak into Market

950W??!!! This is getting a bit out of control. “A Japan-based company has started to sell its power supply units with maximum output of up to 950W, which is the world’s highest performance for desktops. As modern central processing units and graphics cards continue to devour more and more power, high-end personal computer’s PSU requirements …more

Happy Thanksgiving from Legit Reviews

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Legit Reviews. In this time of sharing, and reason to give thanks, lets remember the young men and women serving all over the world. God bless those whom are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, time away from their loved ones, so that we may enjoy time with ours. …more

Online hunting, Texas style

A website titled live-shot.com, allows users to participate in live target practice from the safety and warmth of their homes. Using a online program, perspective shooters access an actual 22-cal rifle mounted on a servo controlled platform and fitted with a high-power camera. At present you can choose among several “active” targets including paper which can be mailed to you. For an …more

Intel to introduce watercooling?

Tom’s Hardware Guide recently published an article indicating Intel maybe seriously considering watercooling their CPU’s. A prototype system built by Sanyo Denki (

SISoftware Sandra 2005 released

Per SiSoftware, the latest version 2005 caters to remote devices and offers extensive temperature, fan speed, CPU power and cooling system thermal resistence monitoring. Here’s a link to Sandra 2005 Features Table, and to the download page. “London, UK, November 21 2004 – SiSoftware has announced the availability of SiSoftware Sandra 2005, the latest version of its award-wining …more

Voodoo to release carbon fibre laptop

Voodoo PC plans to release a laptop constructed in a carbon fibre shell. The notebook will be part of the ENVY series, called the ENVY m:50. Some benefits of the material will be it’s nominal effect on wireless signals and of course weight, tipping the scales at a svelte 3lbs. The notebook will feature a “Pentium M up to 2GHz, 2GB …more

ATI X850 graphic card series revealed

The Inquirer shares some pre-launch info on ATI’s new X850 graphic cards. The cards will be based on ATI’s .13-micron R480 core, which the Inquirer claims is “optimised R423 silicon” and are designed strictly for PCIe. Fastest of the three X850 series the X850XT Platinum, will run a 540MHz core and 590MHz/1180MHz GDDR3 memory. The cards should begin …more

Online game JFK Reloaded recreates assassination

Has the Scottish company Traffic Games developed the world’s first FPA (First Person Assassinator)? Dubbed JFK Reloaded, participants can take part in a simulated assassination of President John F. Kennedy travelling in the original Dallas motorcade. To be released on the 41st anniversary of the President’s death, players are allowed three shots from the 6th floor window of the infamous Texas School Book Depository. Reuters …more

MagnaChip and Tezzaron to manufacture worlds first 3D chips

Silicon Strategies reports a partnership between Tezzaron, and MagnaChip the latter once the non-memory division of Hynix Semiconductor. The fruits of partnership will bring to market; ” the worlds first and true three-dimensional chips.” Tezzaron located in Naperville ILL., a “Fabless chip designer,” announced re-programable 3D RAM chips which run above 500MHz, utilizing less then 2-ns latecnies.  Tezzaron design’s are based on manufacturing technology know …more

Intel NFORCE Boards Coming Soon?

Looks like Intel and NVIDIA have come to an understanding and are going to work together on some Intel platform boards.  This should prove to be interesting as it will bring SLI technology to the Intel side of things now along with the nForce platform that is popular among AMD enthusiasts! Head to our forums …more

IBM 64-Unix server benchmarks dominate competition

IBM’s eServer p5 595 64p benchmarks have surpassed a 3m per minute transaction record, trouncing the HP Integrity Superdome  producing just over 1m transactions per minute (tpmC). The $16-million p5 system utilizes 64 1.9GHz IBM Powers (IBM Power5) CPU’s. HP’s $8-million Integrity Superdome utilizing 64 1.5GHz Intel Itanium2 CPU’s currently holds 3rd place in the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s TPC-C results. IBM’s $5-million eServer pSeries 690 …more

Reviews Around The Web!

Today’s Must Read Review: Adrian’s Rojak Pot has just posted FINAL Part of the definitive Virtual Memory Optimization Guide Rev. 4.0!  “Even today, virtual memory is still very important component of the operating system. No matter how much memory you have, there is always a need for virtual memory. Therefore, its performance is of great …more

Tier-1 motherboard maker’s will use VIA K8T890 chipset

PCI-Express and dual graphic card capable for AMD. Motherboard maker’s including Abit, Albatron, ASUS, Gigabyte, Shuttle, and Soltek will manufacture motherboards based on the VIA (AMD64) K8T890 chipset, as well as the K8T890 Pro. The latter features VIA’s DualGFX Express allowing the Enduser to combine the rendering power of two graphics cards for PCIe. The chipset will support …more

Half-Life 2’s Dark Side – CS: Source

Well, I have HL2 installed and unlocked. After my short preview, I found this article from HardOCP. Now I fear that my gaming experience with HL2 will not be as positive as it could have been with the fear of knowing Counter-Strike may never be enjoyable again. Its articles like this that reveal a deep …more