Today’s Reviews Around The Web!

Not too much news this morning.  Everything looks pretty dead after the benchmarking of the new AMD 64 CPU’s and the Nvidia Nforce 4 Chipset articles. Asus K8N-E Deluxe @ Club OC ASUS Extreme N5900 @ Viper Lair Edimax Wireless 802.11g Network @ Bjorn3D Corsair TwinX 1024 PC3200XL Low Latency Memory @ Big Bruin America’s …more

Dell customers say they do want AMD machines

DOOOGGHHHH!!!! “WE HAVE received a completely large and unsolicited bunch of letters from readers responding to our story yesterday – Dell CEO says people don’t want AMD chips.” The Inquirer

Singapore’s Defense Ministry chooses OpenOffice over Microsoft

Open source software is getting huge!!! My only concern is as it becomes more mainstream, hackers and other “evil-doers” will start targeting it like they are with Microsoft and other large developers. “Singapore’s Ministry of Defense said it is introducing open-source software on 20,000 new personal computers, becoming the world’s latest government organization to seek …more

AMD patents Peltier cooler on chip

I see this idea dying on the drawing board. I personally think Pelts are not worth the issues they cause. there are other obvious issues which are touched upon in the article….. but we’ll see. “AN AMD PATENT approved on October the 5th last has interesting implications for the system builder future. US patent number …more

No, Fatal1ty didn’t throw the death match, Abit

this is a really interesting piece, and something Nate and I talked about the other day. On one hand, Abit has tied up a lot of money in Fatality, and for him to lose so soon after signing on is a bad omen. On the other hand, china is a huge market, one that several …more

Dell CEO says people don’t want AMD chips

“AN INTERVIEW with Dell CEO Kevin Rollins has extracted some comments from him about his neighbour AMD and its range of microprocessors.” The Inquirer

Nvidia accused of patent violation

“Nvidia has become the latest technology manufacturer to be tackled by an intellectual property holding company. Mountain View, California-based Opti, inc. today said it had issued a writ against the graphics chip maker, alleging infringement of five patents its owns.” The Register

Deadly Plane Crash In Kirksville

This plane crash was close to home yesterday, in the small town of Kirksville, MO, a town in northeast Missouri where Nate and I attended college at Truman State University. Two Survived, five are missing, and the rest of the 15 passengers were found dead in the cabin, including the two crew-members. CNN does not …more

Microsoft Won’t Charge More for Multicore Licenses

Its good to know Microsoft is encouraging the dual-core processors by not penalizing customers who use them. This may not seem big now, but I bet a ton of other companies which use a per-processor fee will be following Microsoft’s lead on this one. “As servers with dual-core processors come closer to hitting the market, …more

NV41 is Geforce 6700

“This chip will be clocked at 400MHz while the memory on cards will work at 1000MHz. You will be able to buy 128MB and 256MB versions.” The Inquirer

Chinese kid topples US games champion

Ouch!!!! ABIT has to be a little sore today! After all the money they have spent promoting Fatality, for some kid to wipe him out and take home $125,000.00 has to hurt. I think this hurts alot more than many think. Watch out for a follow-up article on this…….. “A CHINESE YOUTH demolished US games …more

Fake RADEON 9600 PRO Graphics Cards Hit the Market

Maybe the more “tech savvy” people would notice something like this, but how many new computer enthusiasts or kids have been ripped off by things like this. “Graphics cards maker Tul Corp. may face denunciation from customers and distributors as at least some graphics cards with the ‘Power Color’ brand-name made by the company use …more

CherryOS Not BS, Author Says

This would be some feat! Being able to do it in 4 months by yourself would be even more incredible. I am very curious to see if in fact this is on the “up and up”. “CherryOS purports to be a Mac emulator that allows Mac OS X to run on Windows PCs. The complex …more

ExtremeTech $800 gaming PC

As computer equipment evolves one thing that devolves is price.  You can now build a decent gaming PC with $800.  Extreme Tech shows how in this interesting build it article.  While I would have gone with a Sempron 3100+ over the A64 2800+ its only because I’m a crazy overclocker. “Build It: Running the latest …more