Intel sets dates for dual desktop, 6XX 2MB Pentium 4s

“ THE LATEST INTEL ROADMAPS seen by the INQUIRER indicate that the launch of its dual core desktop processors – the X20, the X30 and the X40 – will be launched in the third quarter of 2005, suggesting they won’t proliferate in PCs until the fourth quarter. These chips will two Pentium 4 dies in one …more

CATALYST Display Driver Version 4.12

As with most CATALYST releases performance has increased in various situations. The following performance gains are noticed Driver efficiency has improved considerably for both Direct3D and OpenGL.Numerous D3D games show 2-3% gains at low resolution. The small batch size tests in 3DMark05 show improvements as large as 15% on some products. In OpenGL, several game …more

IBM, AMD claim a better way to strain silicon

“IBM and Advanced Micro Devices have devised a new way of straining silicon–a design technique that improves chip performance–they claim will be cheaper, faster and easier to implement.  Called “Dual Stress Liners,” or DSL, the technique will ideally eliminate much of the complexity involved with strained silicon. Chips containing DSL are quietly already being sold, …more

How to hack the Wireless Fantastic

“Underneath the hood of the WRT54G is a 200MHz MIPS processor running Linux and anywhere from 16 to 32MB of RAM and 4 or 8MB of Flash RAM. Linksys, bless their Cisco-owned hearts, has quietly published the source code for its Linux-based devices for anyone to download and modify to their heart’s content. There was …more

Intel sets Pentium M 533MHz launch for mid January

“While the chief Intel notebook ASA told us last week that it’s never a bad time to buy a Centrino notebook, the latest roadmaps seen by the INQ suggest a better time might be the middle of January next year. That’s when Intel will introduce the 770, a 2MB 2.13GHz Pentium M with a 533MHz …more

Live Blogging in Longhorn

“ An interesting screenshot was found on the internet today. The screenshot depicting a concept art of Windows Longhorn running with an application called “Windows LIVE” – live “blogging” under Longhorn, a new feature that might be included in future OS releases. If you look at the bottom of the current window running, you’ll notice two things – …more

AMD Socket 939 Athlon 64 CPUs in tight supply

Damn it!!!  All i wanted for Christmas was an FX-55 CPU! “Demand for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) high-end socket-939 Athlon 64 processors has been greater than expected in the local sales channel, causing a tight supply in the market, according to market sources. Processors in shortage include the Athlon 64 3500+ and Athlon 64 3800+ parts, …more

‘BitTorrent’ Gives Hollywood a Headache

Bram Cohen didn’t set out to upset Hollywood movie studios. But his innovative online file-sharing software, BitTorrent, has grown into a piracy problem the film industry is struggling to handle. As its name suggests, the software lets computer users share large chunks of data. But unlike other popular file-sharing programs, the more people swap data …more

AMD Quietly Releases New Opterons

Advanced Micro Devices managed to reduce the maximum thermal output of its newly released 90 nanometer Opteron server processors by 25 percent compared to the previous generation, the company says. The 90nm version of the Opteron and Athlon 64 processors will consume 67 watts of power under maximum operating conditions, AMD said during a presentation …more

Microsoft Schedules Second Longhorn Event

….and maybe some day we’ll see a finished product…then again  maybe it will just end up as WinXP SP 3 Microsoft has set a date for a second Longhorn-themed Professional Developers Conference (PDC). The event will be held in September 2005, almost two years after the company first detailed the Windows XP successor at the …more

Researcher Warns Male Laptop Users of Infertility Risk

Well, I guess it would be cheaper and less painful than a vascectomy. A combination of the heat generated by a laptop and the position of the thighs that is needed to balance the computer leads to higher temperatures around a man’s genitals and over time can result in decreased sperm production, according to the study …more

Browser vendors fail to prevent phishing trips

“ SECURITY FIRM Secunia said that browser vendors are failing to address one of the simplest phishing attacks around. “Phishing” involves criminals attempting to lure individuals through spoof emails to log onto a fake web site and part with credit card and other sensitive material.” The Inquirer

INQ presents gongs of the year

“ EVERY YEAR the INQ carefully reviews the products, the events and the people who have made the news – in some cases quite literally -during the year. We therefore present our nominations for 2004, in the spirit of faith, hope and charity. Please put on your snazziest awards gear, and be ready to applaud the …more

Linux Mainly On Dual CPUs

“ Blair sends along this TechWeb story that says most Linux deployments are on dual processors. What I found impressive is the growth rate of Linux server shipments is up to 40%, up significantly from 15% in 2001. “ HardOCP