ATI Ships More than 5 Million Chips for High Definition TVs

“ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT) announced that in 2004 ATI’s Digital Television division shipped more than 5 million chips for HD (high-definition) TVs and HD cable and terrestrial set-top boxes. In addition, ATI announced market leadership in ATSC/OpenCable silicon solutions with an ATI-estimated 85% market share for THEATER and NXT demodulators and a …more

Processors: AMD’s gains, Intel’s pains

 Intel will recall 2004 as a time of troubles, while AMD will relive the year much more fondly. Intel saw several product glitches. It pushed back the introduction of its second-generation Pentium M notebook processor from early 2004 into May. Although its latest desktop Pentium 4 processor came out on time in February, it was …more

Software mavens crit Intel, AMD 64-bit plans

“ A LINUX KERNEL expert thinks it’s rather unfair to compare Intel’s Nocona and soon to be Prescott EM64T with AMD’s 64-32 bit tech. That appears to be the gist of an overview of the X86-64 kernel presented in a PDF, which you can find here.” The Inquirer

Nvidia to present Pure Video tomorrow

“ WHEN PEOPLE DESCRIBE graphics as “pure”, that should mean that you are able to make the video part of a graphic chips to work. I guess that’s what Nvidia finally managed to do but only with NV41, Geforce 6600 series of cards. Nvidia briefed the press in the USA a few days ago about this …more

OpenOffice 2.0 preview released

I’m back from the Winter CPL in Dallas……Had a pretty good time, met some great people, and had one the worst traveling experiences of all time. Well, back to the news. “THE SUN-SPONSORED project based on open sourced StarOffice code has released a preview of the upcoming OpenOffice 2.0 product. This version touts better …more

2004 Winter CPL Pictures Posted

Rich and I are down in Dallas for the Winter CPL and just wanted to bring you a quick update as to what is going on.  So far the event is going smoothly and not too much news worthy is going on it.  We managed to take a dozen photos from day one and post them …more

Overlooked benefit of SLI

While Gamer’s are strained on silicon at the bit, to get their names on top of the Futuremark Hall of Fame many may have overlooked other benefit’s two videocards in parallel can offer. Harking back to the Parhelia days when three monitors were all the rage, now SLI can provide 4 x DVI display capability. The Inquirer reports Gainward’s 6600GT offers …more

Fabless once more �?? An interview with SiS director Nelson Lee

With the performance boost provided by the integrated memory controller, why is SIS so against it? “Change and evolution are ongoing at Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS). Best known as a maker of highly integrated core-logic chipsets, last year SiS reverted to being a fabless IC design house, following a period when it had operated its …more

Abit stock downgraded to requiring full delivery

All I can say is, if this is true….WOW. “Stock of the second-tier motherboard maker Abit Computer will be downgraded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) to requiring full delivery, starting tomorrow, due to its questionable financial reports over the past three years, the TSE said yesterday. Over 70% of Abit’s total import and export …more

ATI R520 is a 90 nanometre chip

“ATI is happy with the R520 “Fudo” even it might not be happy with the real Mc Fudo. This chip is definitely good enough to bring some smiles to their faces – at least that’s what ATI hopes for. To be happy with R520. Despite the other news, we can now add that R520 codenamed …more

AMD readies price cuts, new chips

“Reliable sources said that AMD will respond to pricing by Intel by dropping prices, dropping some chips and introducing some new Opterons on February the 14th next. AMD will do this by introducing the Opteron 252 and 852, a 2.5GHz processor, at the current 250 prices, and racking down the lower CPUs by one price …more

ASUS ships 4.48 million motherboards in November

“Asustek Computer shipped 4.48 million motherboards in November, down just 1.8% from the 4.56 million units it shipped in October, said company sources. The combined motherboard shipments of Taiwan’s first-tier makers Asustek, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), Gigabyte Technology and Micro-Star International (MSI) totaled 8.83 million units in November, down only 0.2% from October’s 8.85 million units. “ TechConnect Magazine

Firefox’s Market Share Grows 34% in One Month

“The U.S. browser usage share of Firefox, the upstart Mozilla-based browser that has become a champion of the open source movement, has grown by more than a third over the past month, according to the latest independent study from WebSideStory. In the one-month period from Nov. 5, 2004 to Dec. 3, 2004, Firefox’s online usage …more

VooDoo to release watercooled Gaming-PC

VooDoo PC will release a high-end H20 cooled gaming PC as part of their their RAGE series. To be named the RAGE f:5, early spec’s include an A64 FX55 processor, dual nVidia graphic’s cards, and an SLI Nforce-4 motherboard. The CPU, GPU’s and chipset are all watercooled. The black aluminum case looks similiar to VooDoo’s HEXX on steroids, featruing a chromed interior, large side …more