PCI-Express Roundup: Mainstream Video Card Mania!

The fine people over at MadShrimps have put out a pretty good article on some PCI-E video cards. check it out if you are in the market for a PCI-Express card “ PCI-Express if firmly upon us, Intel has seen to this and AMD will be joining the fray shortly. A few select individuals have been …more

Newspaper: Naughty kids lose gifts to eBay

It’s kind of sad, but then again, maybe there should be more parents like this…… HOUSTON, Texas (AP) — — The kids were naughty, Dad put the presents on eBay instead of under the tree — and Mom’s been crying ever since. Now, even the tree’s down. Saturday morning was sure not to be very …more

Merry Christmas!

Everyone at Legit Reviews would like to wish everyone a great X-Mas and safety for those who are traveling great distances to be with their family.  Turn off those computers and spend some time with family or friends while you have a few days off work.  I’ve been spending the past couple days hanging out …more

Hackers Aim to Sabotage Holiday Computing

I hope Santa treated all of you very well. Merry Christmas everyone.  If you gave or got a new system or components, take a few minutes and update your protection….there seems to be more than a few “Grinches” out there. “Hackers, spammers and spies go into overdrive in December and January, when unsuspecting neophytes unwrap …more

TSE denies Abit’s request for resumption of normal stock trading

“ The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) yesterday denied a request from Abit Computer to allow its stock to be traded on the TSE under normal conditions, given that the motherboard maker has still failed to provide documents that would clarify its sales in 2003 and the first half of this year, the TSE said in a …more

Exploits released for new Windows flaws

A Chinese security group has released sample code to exploit two new unpatched flaws in Microsoft Windows. The advisory comes in the week before Christmas, a time when many companies and home users are least prepared to deal with the problems. Security firm Symantec warned its clients of the vulnerabilities on Thursday, after the Chinese …more

Mozilla’s Lightning to strike Outlook?

“The Mozilla Foundation is hatching yet another software project to challenge a key Microsoft title. The new project, code-named Lightning, aims to integrate Mozilla’s calendar application, Sunbird, with its recently released Thunderbird e-mail application. That integration is aimed right at the heart of Microsoft’s widely used Outlook software. “I think Outlook leaves a lot of …more

ATI close to bridging PCI-E to AGP

“ One area that ATI are receiving a fair element of criticism over is their current support for the AGP market. Whilst ATI’s transition to native PCI Express parts has seen their OEM business do fairly well, since the technologies introduction ATI haven’t yet released any further AGP graphics configurations; in fact this year they have …more

Opera releases voice-enabled browser

“ Opera has released a new beta version of its popular web browser. The major changes include better support for RSS newsfeeds and voice functionality. Yes, you heard that right. Opera’s voice technology requires a headset and microphone and only works in Windows XP and 2000. There is a link to download the new beta from Opera’s front page. Thanks …more

Longhorn Transformation Pack 8

If you are tired of WinXP Themes, give this a shot, very well done and very complete. I like it alot….except for the sidebar!!!!  With Longhorn Transformation Pack you can transform your Windows XP into the upcoming Longhorn (the new Windows edition from Microsoft). This is version 8 and includes support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 …more

Intel to Remove DDR2 Support from Forthcoming Mainstream Chipsets

“ The world’s largest supplier of computer chips Intel Corp. is reportedly planning to introduce its new chipsets that feature PCI Express interconnection, but lack DDR2 support. The introduction may emphasize lukewarm welcome for DDR2 SDRAM by the industry and Intel’s desire to improve its positioning on the chipset market. Intel’s forthcoming i915PL and i915GL chipsets …more

OpenOffice 1.1.4 Final

“ OpenOffice.org is the open source project through which Sun Microsystems is releasing the technology for the popular StarOffice productivity suite. It is an international office suite that will run on all major platforms and provide access to all functionality and data through open-component based APIs and an XML-based file format. The OpenOffice.org project establishes the necessary facilities …more

Firefox Ad Boosts Downloads

“ Last week’s two-page advertisement in the The New York Times paid for by fans of Mozilla’s Firefox browser is bringing in more downloads, a Mozilla employee said Wednesday in an online blog. The ad, which ran in last Thursday’s edition of the newspaper, celebrated the November launch of Firefox 1.0, the alternative browser which has been …more

Apple’s Operating System Tiger Leaked

Apple is suing several developer’s of it’s latest MAC OS X v10.4 given the moniker Tiger, which was allegedly leaked onto BiTorrent sites. “Apple offers pre-release versions of its operating system to some of its registered developers under strict non-disclosure rules. These rules prohibit the developers from sharing Tiger with others. Apple alleges in a lawsuit that …more