The Top Tech Stories of 2004

“If there were any lingering doubts that we are in the post-PC era, several big stories this year should have cleared them up. The sale of IBM’s PC business to China’s Lenovo Group and the death of Comdex were powerful reminders that technology is in a transitional stage.  Here are the top 10 IT stories …more

ASUS targets 10-12 million videocards for 2005

“¬†Asustek Computer’s goal of shipping 10-12 million graphics cards in 2005, up about 33-62% from the 7.4-7.5 million units estimated for this year, will mean more competition for OEM and clone orders among Taiwan graphics-card makers in the coming year, market sources said. If realized, Asustek will replace Micro-Star International (MSI) as Taiwan’s largest graphics-card …more

Google worm targets AOL, Yahoo

“ Days after Google acted to thwart the Santy worm, security firms warned that variants have begun to spread using both Google and other search engines. The Santy problem originally flared up a week ago as bulletin board Web sites found their pages erased and defaced by the worm’s own text. The worm spread by targeting …more

Linux found under the tree

“ IF YOU received a TiVo ( DVR or a Linksys ( router for Christmas, the open source people should sing praises to your name. Linux is appearing in households around the world in millions of nice devices and is so well-hidden under GUIs and web interfaces that the average user doesn’t even know it is …more

Intel rushes to fix Alviso bug

“ THERE IS A MINOR, and I mean mino,r bug in Alviso that won’t be fixed before launch. The DDR subsystem doesn’t like to power down the way it should, so if you look at the initial numbers, DRR2 will end up looking much better than it really is. I say this is a minor problem …more

Intel to keep lead on notebook technology

“ 2005 IN LAPTOPS WILL NOT be the steamroller of a year many predict for Intel, but it will be close. Intel has far and away the best laptop chip out there, the Pentium M. It also has some nifty marketing and branding campaigns surrounding it when you bundle it with the wireless chip. If I …more

XGI makes dash for graphics cache

“ SOURCES CLAIMED it’s not only Nvidia and ATI experimenting with the “turbo cache” idea. XGI is also experimenting with products using this technology, to improve the performance of lower end graphics cards. The graphics player will introduce a similar technique to Nvidia in the first to second quarter of 2005, in its XG47 design. But, …more

One Core Is Good. Two Cores Are Even Better!

” One of the major events of the upcoming year 2005 in the CPU market should inevitably be the release of the dual-core processor architecture. To cut the long story short, the idea behind dual-core CPUs is very simple. One processor physically based around a single semiconductor die will feature two equally functional processor cores.  In …more

Abit is “financially fine”

“ WE MANAGED to talk to Abit and we have finally gotten its answer on earlier financial allegations. We read that, financially, the company is not doing so well. Abit denied all of those claims and said that it stands by its financial reports. The company is ready to clear things out for the Taiwan Stock …more

Some Fear Virus Threat to Cell Phones

Malicious programs that can delete address books. Junk messages that flood a cell phone’s inbox. Stealthy code that uses Bluetooth wireless technology to sneak onto handsets. Scared yet? Security experts say plagues like these will target mobile phones, but others contend cell phone viruses are the tech equivalent of smallpox: To the best of anyone’s …more

What Will the PC of 2005 Look Like?

Consumers thinking about buying a new computer in 2005 might be better off putting off their purchase until 2006. With few major changes in PC hardware or software due over the next year, the PC of 2005 is likely to look awfully similar to the PC of today. Big changes aren’t due until 2006, when …more

2004: Good and Bad for Security

Experts agree: 2004 was the best of times and the worst of times for those concerned about security. It was a year with high-profile arrests of virus authors, and the explosion of online crimes, from cyber-extortion to identity theft, a year in which ISPs won millions in damages from spammers, and spam messages increased by …more

Nforce 4 SLI has disappeared again

“¬†WHILE SOME of you are still “resting” from Yule parties, some others are still expecting their SLI boards. Our Japanese birdie told us that you can get some MSI boards and that Asus SLI boards are mostly gone. That’s just Japan. Rest of the world still cannot get enough Asus SLI boards, but we heard …more

DFI readies 533MHz Pentium M desktop board

“ IN A WEEK or two, Intel will release its updated 533MHz system bus Pentium Ms, and it looks like DFI will be ready for the processors and new chipsets. The firm is releasing a board – the 852GME-MGF, which will be bundled with heatsink and fan for the Pentium M, use DDR-333 memory and AGP4X, …more