MagnaChip and Tezzaron to manufacture worlds first 3D chips

Silicon Strategies reports a partnership between Tezzaron, and MagnaChip the latter once the non-memory division of Hynix Semiconductor. The fruits of partnership will bring to market; ” the worlds first and true three-dimensional chips.” Tezzaron located in Naperville ILL., a “Fabless chip designer,” announced re-programable 3D RAM chips which run above 500MHz, utilizing less then 2-ns latecnies.  Tezzaron design’s are based on manufacturing technology know …more

Intel NFORCE Boards Coming Soon?

Looks like Intel and NVIDIA have come to an understanding and are going to work together on some Intel platform boards.  This should prove to be interesting as it will bring SLI technology to the Intel side of things now along with the nForce platform that is popular among AMD enthusiasts! Head to our forums …more

IBM 64-Unix server benchmarks dominate competition

IBM’s eServer p5 595 64p benchmarks have surpassed a 3m per minute transaction record, trouncing the HP Integrity Superdome  producing just over 1m transactions per minute (tpmC). The $16-million p5 system utilizes 64 1.9GHz IBM Powers (IBM Power5) CPU’s. HP’s $8-million Integrity Superdome utilizing 64 1.5GHz Intel Itanium2 CPU’s currently holds 3rd place in the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s TPC-C results. IBM’s $5-million eServer pSeries 690 …more

Reviews Around The Web!

Today’s Must Read Review: Adrian’s Rojak Pot has just posted FINAL Part of the definitive Virtual Memory Optimization Guide Rev. 4.0!  “Even today, virtual memory is still very important component of the operating system. No matter how much memory you have, there is always a need for virtual memory. Therefore, its performance is of great …more

Tier-1 motherboard maker’s will use VIA K8T890 chipset

PCI-Express and dual graphic card capable for AMD. Motherboard maker’s including Abit, Albatron, ASUS, Gigabyte, Shuttle, and Soltek will manufacture motherboards based on the VIA (AMD64) K8T890 chipset, as well as the K8T890 Pro. The latter features VIA’s DualGFX Express allowing the Enduser to combine the rendering power of two graphics cards for PCIe. The chipset will support …more

Half-Life 2’s Dark Side – CS: Source

Well, I have HL2 installed and unlocked. After my short preview, I found this article from HardOCP. Now I fear that my gaming experience with HL2 will not be as positive as it could have been with the fear of knowing Counter-Strike may never be enjoyable again. Its articles like this that reveal a deep …more

Hynix and ST-Micro to construct $2-billion DRAM Fab

Hynix Semiconductor, and ST-Microelectronics have combined efforts to construct a $2-billion “front-end” Fab facility in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China. Concentrating on wafer’s for DRAM and NAND Flash, the plant will cover some 18,000 square meter’s of clean room manufacturing space, and employ approximately 1,500. The joint venture will  focus on high volume 8-inch wafer production beginning …more

Largest Digital Photograph

Photo stitch programs similar to the one used to make this incredibly large digital photograph are really cool! My Cannon digital camera came with some stitch software and it is awesome! I was able to make a huge panoramic picture of a sunrise off the coast of Cancun, Mexico without the need of an actual …more

Half Life 2 Benchmarks dominated by ATI

Just hours after it’s “real” (server activation) release, Half-Life 2 benchmarks have been published at The Inquirer. Early results indicate ATI’s core technology is the favored catalyst for the game’s graphic engine. In the high performance graphic card catagory between the X800 XT PE and 6800 Ultra, ATI clearly dominates. Comparing the X700 XT to nVidia’s 6600 GT in PCIe, results once again favor …more

CPU-Z 1.25 Released!

I was making my rounds looking for updates to various software we use for testing and noticed that there is a brand new version of CPU-Z out: 1.25!! Grab it if you need it! Here’s a list of improvements: nVidia nForce4 chipset support. Intel Pentium 4 J support improved. New button to refresh memory timings. …more

Microsoft to hire hundreds more in India

Software giant Microsoft has told the industry that they are seeking hundreds more “high-level” engineers.  Great news for the the people at Redmond right?  Nope… These jobs are in Hyerabad, India… “HYDERABAD, India–Microsoft will hire several hundred new employees at its new Indian campus in the next year, its chief executive said on Monday–a move …more

SOYO to Quit Making Mobos!

This is pretty big news! SOYO has been a major motherboard provider for the past many years. The first system I build featured a SOYO motherboard for my Athlon 700MHz slot processor. SOYO tried to enter the enthusiast market with their Dragon Series of motherboards. Here’s what Digitimes has to say… “Second-tier motherboard maker Soyo …more

Intel’s last Prescott P4, the 570J released today.

Per the Inquirer, the folks at Akiba PC Pricewatch have found the Intel 570J for sale in Japan. The processor will run at 3.80GHz, utilizing a 800MHz FSB (QDR) and a 1MB cache. This will be the last Pentium-4 based on the Prescott core, which was Intel’s foray into, and the world’s first Desktop CPU based on 90nm architecture. Although stopping short of …more

Half Life 2 owners awaiting server activation

Since Valve and Vivendi have been in a legal tiff over the release of Half Life 2, it seems copies sold this past Tuesday may still be awaiting server authentication. As Charlie Demerjian of the Inquirer writes, Best Buy and Target stores whom sold copies three days early, apparently sold copies made by Vevindi, “blindsiding” Valve. In a ironic twist …more