ABIT Cancels VT8 Motherboard & Use of VIA PT800 Pro Chipset

It is official; the ABIT VT8 motherboard will not make it to the retail market. Yesterday we confirmed the news through our contacts at ABIT?s head quarters in Taiwan. We first saw a pre-production board back in January, while meeting with VIA in Mexico. In the two months since our meeting with VIA little was …more

Slow season for DRAM

A slow DRAM season means cheap prices for consumers as companies try to push out existing stock and cut their losses on the DRAM they already purchased. “A combination of the slow season for DRAM and weak demand from China, Europe and US has led prices to follow a downward trend. On top of weak …more

InterActiveCorp buys Ask Jeeves for $1.85 billion

Looks like Ask Jeeves is being sold for a mere $1.85 billion dollar deal.  Only time will tell it InterActiveCorp will be able to make it the next Google or Yahoo search engine. “InterActiveCorp announced Monday that it has agreed to a $1.85 billion buyout of Ask Jeeves, a search engine that has long been …more

Next hot trend for Cell Phones — Reading Books

Your cell phone can do it all right?  It Syncs with your PC, can bluetooth movies to your friends, and has an office manager that does everything but turn on the coffee maker. Are you currently reading a novel on it?  If not you are missing out on the latest cell phone trend of book …more

ASUS Enters Flash Memory Market

With Flash memory expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 160-170% over the next 3-5 years it is no suprise that ASUS is entering the flash memory market. ASUS used to sell DRAM before the 2001 memory bubble burst, so maybe Asustek can do better than their first dab in memory. …more

Abit and Epox confirm Nforce 3/4 problem

“EPOX AND ABIT confirmed our previous news where we reported that Nforce 3 and 4 have some problems with Athlon revision E CPUs. These companies also confirmed that it can be fixed at the BIOS level so it won’t be such a great deal. “ The Inquirer

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!

Hope everyone is having a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day! And for those party goers, don’t drink and drive… and look out for those who are not as responsible as the LR readers! 😉 And I hope everyone wore some green today, or got punched…. err, I mean pinched! Seriously though, Happy St. Patrick’s …more

Windows XP May Gain Longhorn Features

“Windows XP may be updated to support a new file system technology that Microsoft is working on for the next version of Windows. Called WinFS, the technology promises to make it easier for users to find data stored on their computer. WinFS was originally slated to ship as part of the next Windows release, code-named …more

Bioterror CSIs Target Germs

“Back in 1346, it didn’t take a CSI unit to uncover the culprits behind one of history’s first cases of bioterrorism. Nobody could miss the plague-ridden corpses and heads catapulted over the walls of the ancient city of Kaffa, under siege by the Tartar army. Nor could Kaffa residents ignore the subsequent epidemic, which led …more

The Blind Fragging the Blind

An awesome story..people like this are so inspiring. “Michael Feir is an avid gamer. He spent so much time playing games in college he created his own online gaming magazine. But Feir doesn’t play the best-selling games and has never seen World of Warcraft — he’s blind. It doesn’t matter. A growing library of computer …more

Japanese Giants Launch Web Over Powerline System

“Three Japanese consumer electronics giants have created a new technology to transport Internet and media signals around the home via the electricity network, Panasonic said on Thursday. Sony (6758.T), Mitsubishi (6503.T) and Matsushita-owned (6752.T) Panasonic have set up the SECA powerline alliance.   They have developed a system to transfer 170 Megabits per second of …more

90nm 2.6GHz Operon for sale

Oh baby…….here comes the new chips…. Venice and San Diego can’t be far behind. 90nm Opteron     None

Nintendo unveils wireless gaming plans

The GameCube successor is said to have WiFi on board for game play.  Don’t get your hopes up though because the new console is not currently on the timetable for 2005, but should “certainly” be so for 2006. “The successor to the company’s Game Cube home console, code-named Revolution, will let users play with other people through high-speed …more

Intel: x86 won’t encroach on Itanium

We all know that Intel’s goal is to provide a high-end processor for as many server makers as possible. Even with IBM’s departure, Intel still has Itanium partnerships with Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, NEC, Silicon Graphics Inc. and Unisys.  With x86 soon coming and Itanium CPU’s in question CNET has a nice little three page article …more