AMD Quietly Releases New Opterons

Advanced Micro Devices managed to reduce the maximum thermal output of its newly released 90 nanometer Opteron server processors by 25 percent compared to the previous generation, the company says. The 90nm version of the Opteron and Athlon 64 processors will consume 67 watts of power under maximum operating conditions, AMD said during a presentation …more

Microsoft Schedules Second Longhorn Event

….and maybe some day we’ll see a finished product…then again  maybe it will just end up as WinXP SP 3 Microsoft has set a date for a second Longhorn-themed Professional Developers Conference (PDC). The event will be held in September 2005, almost two years after the company first detailed the Windows XP successor at the …more

Researcher Warns Male Laptop Users of Infertility Risk

Well, I guess it would be cheaper and less painful than a vascectomy. A combination of the heat generated by a laptop and the position of the thighs that is needed to balance the computer leads to higher temperatures around a man’s genitals and over time can result in decreased sperm production, according to the study …more

Browser vendors fail to prevent phishing trips

“ SECURITY FIRM Secunia said that browser vendors are failing to address one of the simplest phishing attacks around. “Phishing” involves criminals attempting to lure individuals through spoof emails to log onto a fake web site and part with credit card and other sensitive material.” The Inquirer

INQ presents gongs of the year

“ EVERY YEAR the INQ carefully reviews the products, the events and the people who have made the news – in some cases quite literally -during the year. We therefore present our nominations for 2004, in the spirit of faith, hope and charity. Please put on your snazziest awards gear, and be ready to applaud the …more

Linux Mainly On Dual CPUs

“ Blair sends along this TechWeb story that says most Linux deployments are on dual processors. What I found impressive is the growth rate of Linux server shipments is up to 40%, up significantly from 15% in 2001. “ HardOCP

Half Life 2 Map Pack #1

“ The crew at ShackNews is hosting Half Life 2 Map Pack #1 for your downloading pleasure. The WinRAR file contains 50 death match maps and weighs in at just over 43MB. Grab it if you want it, you know all the cool kids are doing it.” HardOCP

NVIDIA Soundstorm News

“In an exclusive press briefing – the CEO of NVIDIA has just stated that we will see Soundstorm avaliable on nForce soon. This will be more than the old hat Soundstorm which was on nForce 1 and 2. ” HardOCP

Nvidia Snags Next Gen Playstation Contract

I just happen to be in San Jose for NVIDIA’s editor’s day and got a chance to talk to Nvidia about the PR that they released on the next generation Playstation.  Nvidia said that they have some of the best engineers working on the next gen console (they have 2500 total) and that the graphics …more

CPU-Z 1.26 Released

“CPU-Z is a diagnostic tool that provides information on your CPU, including: processor name and vendor, core stepping and process, processor package, internal and external clocks, clock multiplier, partial overclock detection, processor features, supported instructions sets, L1 and L2 Cache information, location, size, speed, and technology.” TechConnect Magazine

Thunderbird 1.0 Released has released the latest version of thunderbird, 1.0. Thunderbird is a free email client and a great alternative to Microsoft’s  Outlook Express program. for people looking for something a little different….try Firebird, Thunderbird, and Open Office, they’re all free, and provide a decent alternative to the pricey MS software. “The Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit …more

Ultimate Anti-Spam Guide

ZDNet has taken 11 of the top anti-spam products and put them to the test in this Ultimate Anti-Spam Guide. If you are shopping for new anti-spam protection, check this one out for sure.From server-level software, to appliances, to managed services, we find what solutions are available to help enterprises manage the onslaught of unsightly …more


Since Half Life 2 was released we have looked at graphic card performance on the nForce 4 Ultra chipset with ATI and Nvidia based video cards.  Then we turned to the hidden multiplayer support testing both the server and client side and a few early maps.  Now we turn our gaze on the CPU scaling …more

Windows XP 64 Pro schedule leaks

A report on Planet AMD 64 appears to confirm our earlier reports that Windows X64 will be released to the market in March next year. According to the site, a “critical compiler” problem means that the Itanium build will not be supported in the release candidate, which is scheduled to be available to the channel …more