Thursdays Reviews From Around The Web

Featured Review Of The Day: HIS X850 XT IceQ II Dual DVI VIVO 256MB PCIe @ Bjorn3D “ Just as the HIS X850XT PE, this is not a cheap card. The best price I could find was  $605 at Newegg, which is about $50 less than the HIS X850XT PE. Here in Sweden the difference is …more

Battle brews over unlocking PC secrets

“As computer makers move to embed security features deep within PCs, a fight is erupting over a rarely noticed but crucial piece of system software. The construction and installation of the BIOS–the basic input/output system that underlies all other applications–are closely guarded by a small number of PC makers, such as Dell, and speciality BIOS …more

Feds uncloak the Patriot Act

“More information is dribbling out about the exercise of extraordinary powers granted to federal police nearly four years ago as part of the war on terror. As the Bush administration this week called on Congress to expand the USA Patriot Act, it disclosed how two of the most controversial sections of the law have been …more

Reviews From Around The Web

Today’s Must Read Review: has a couple of really good reviews up covering a pair of Foxconn motherboards. If you are in the market for a new board, make sure you stop by and check them out Foxconn WinFast NF4K8MC-RS Motherboard @ “As far as features go, the Foxconn NF4K8MC-RS is middle of …more

Magnetic heat exchanger will cool down your CPU

“ A JAPANESE COMPANY has developed a way of exchanging heat that will use a magnetic fluid and will be used to cool down your microprocessor without needing electricity. “

Rambus says DRAM micro-threading will make graphics fly

“ MEMORY IP company Rambus claimed it has develped technology which will allow microthreading of DRAM cores which can deliver up to four times performance compared to the current approach. The technique allows DRAM to provide more data bandwidth by allowing smaller pieces of data to be transferred to and from the chips, which also has …more

AMD may advance dual-core Opteron processor launch

“ Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), which originally was scheduled to launch its dual-core Opteron processor in the third quarter of this year, may advance the launch to the middle of the second quarter, according to sources at Taiwan server makers. In the second quarter, the sources believe that AMD will launch its dual-core Opteron 200 and …more

Nvidia?s nForce4 for Intel to arrive on April 6

“Nvidia will launch its nForce4 Intel Edition media and communications processor (MCP), which supports Nvidia?s scalable link interface (SLI) graphics architecture on April 6, according to the company. The new MCP for Intel?s Pentium 4 platform, which was unveiled at CeBIT 2005, will be featured on motherboards from at least eight Taiwan-based motherboard makers. Motherboard …more

Windows XP 64 goes gold

“ MICROSOFT HAS released the final version of Windows XP 64 to manufacturing, meaning that those with machines that have 64-32 bit processors in from AMD and latterly Intel can now see what the extra addressing brings to the party. No doubt people can also look forward to future service pack releases from Microsoft, but we …more

PC Drive Reaches 500GB

“ Hitachi’s new Deskstar 7K500 drive marks several milestones in the storage industry: It’s the first desktop hard drive to reach 500GB and one of the first to use the speedy new SATA II interface. In terms of how it stores data, though, the Deskstar may be among the last of its kind, as drive manufacturers …more

Symantec Acknowledges Two Holes in Antivirus Products

“Security software company Symantec has acknowledged that software flaws in some of its antivirus products could allow malicious hackers to use denial of service (DOS) attacks to crash systems running the software, disrupting automatic protection features. “

Longhorn could be tough sell for Microsoft

“ Longhorn has already survived several major delays, intense scrutiny from the industry and a radical redesign of its features. But the toughest test for Microsoft’s next release of Windows is still to come: Will anyone buy it? Even though it’s been five years since Windows XP’s debut, Microsoft could still face a tough sell when …more

ATI R520 has 24 plus pipelines

“ ATI’S FUTURE R520 CHIP will end up with a minimum of twenty four pipelines. We are talking about an extremely big chip and it won’t be a problem to plumb it with more than just twenty four pipes. “

Intel releases new high-end Xeon processors

“ SAN FRANCISCO–Intel released on Tuesday a new generation of Xeon chips, its first high-end models to include 64-bit features designed to easily accommodate large amounts of memory. “