Firm claims auto-phishing emails discovered

“MESSAGE LABS said it has intercepted emails which auto-capture bank details when they’re opened. It says it interecepted several emails at the end of October targeting three Brazilian banks, but the technique may be used for other banks. Usually, “phishing” emails work by masquerading as legitimate emails from banks and other online services. “ The …more

Motherboard Industry Article @ AnandTech

Anand has released another article about his time and experiences with manufacturers over in Taiwan. Today’s release is about the motherboard industry. Anand shares a lot of important information straight from the industry manufacturers. He covers topics ranging from AMD’s SSE3 addition to the A64 line to why the 925/915 chipset motherboards from Intel are …more

Intel Plans to have Wireless in 2005 Desktop Chipsets

Now that the election hype is coming to a close, it is time to start-up our regular tech-related news posts. Today Digitimes posted an article relating to Intel’s 2005 Chipset plans. “Sources at Taiwan PC makers pointed out, however, that the new development is in line with Intel’s roadmap, which indicates that its Lakeport chipsets, …more

Bush Wins, Kerry Concedes!!

You can pick your favorite news source to learn about the news or read the full story… but news sources around the world are announcing that Kerry is choosing to avoid a drawn out re-count and has called President Bush to concede. Its nice to see that “good sportsmanship” was the result in this year’s …more

Election Results – Stay Updated!!

CNN has their dedicated Election Results page up. Check here often throughout the evening if you are not around a TV. Parents, let your kids stay up late to find out the winner of the 2004 Presidential Election! “270 Electoral Votes to WIN!” CNN

Presidential Election

Just wanted to remind everyone that is a US Citizen to vote tomorrow for the President of the United States.  Tomorrow should be the largest turnout for an election ever, but be patient and wait for your time to vote!  It does matter! President Bush is seeking a second term but Democratic nominee John Kerry …more

Intel 3.46GHz 1066FSB & 925XE Chipset:

Intel launched the 3.46GHz 1066FSB processor and the 925XE chipset yesterday. Here is a list of websites that have reviews posted! Legit Reviews [H]ard|OCP The Tech Report Hexus HotHardware PCPerspective Gamers Depot SimHQ MBReview Sudhian HardCoreWare TweakNews HardTecs4U “” None

OpenBSD provisional wing scores success

“THE OPENBSD community’s campaign to get hardware users to distribute its software is netting some success. According to OpenBSD Association spokesman Theo de Raadt, hardware vendors have responded positively to ‘activism’ on the part of members of the OpenBSD community. “ The Inquirer

Via K8T890 boards expected in two weeks

“WHILE ABIT’S K8T890 board is almost ready, we have learned that it might take two more weeks until they ship to reviewers and a little bit later to customers.” The Inquirer

File Sharers Win More Protection

“lleged file sharers must be given a notice explaining their legal rights before their internet service provider hands over any personal information to the music labels, a Pennsylvania judge ruled, making it still harder for the music industry to use the courts to intimidate people suspected of piracy.” Wired News

VoodooPC Adopts NVIDIA nForce4 SLI, Claims World´┐Ż??s Fastest PC

“VoodooPC, a leading maker of high-performance personalized computer systems, plans to announce on Monday the launch of the world’s fastest gaming computer, the Voodoo RAGE SLi, which will become the world’s first AMD-based machine with PCI Express bus.” X-Bit Labs

Spring Forward, Fall Back

It is that weekend again where many of us across the world need to remember to change our clocks as Daylight Savings Time halts and Standard Time resumes. So this is your friendly LR reminder… don’t forget to set you clocks back and hour tonight so you can get that extra hour of sleep in …more

MSI launches nForce 4-based K8N

Anand wrote an SLI article which uses this mobo… you can read his article here. “The K8N Diamond features the Nvidia nForce4 SLI MCP (media and communication processor), and the graphics interface can be set to a single PCI Express x16 or dual PCI Express x8. According to MSI, the K8N Diamond can accelerate 3D …more

Pentium4 1066MHz Bus : Introduction / Testbed

“We only see an increase of 4-9% in scores on the 1066MHz bus compared to the 800MHz bus and considering the fact that the CPU is running about 320MHz higher (or 9% faster), the scores are definitely not impressive. Intel will definitely need to do more than just increase the system bus to compete with …more