Opera releases voice-enabled browser

“ Opera has released a new beta version of its popular web browser. The major changes include better support for RSS newsfeeds and voice functionality. Yes, you heard that right. Opera’s voice technology requires a headset and microphone and only works in Windows XP and 2000. There is a link to download the new beta from Opera’s front page. Thanks …more

Longhorn Transformation Pack 8

If you are tired of WinXP Themes, give this a shot, very well done and very complete. I like it alot….except for the sidebar!!!!  With Longhorn Transformation Pack you can transform your Windows XP into the upcoming Longhorn (the new Windows edition from Microsoft). This is version 8 and includes support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 …more

Intel to Remove DDR2 Support from Forthcoming Mainstream Chipsets

“┬áThe world’s largest supplier of computer chips Intel Corp. is reportedly planning to introduce its new chipsets that feature PCI Express interconnection, but lack DDR2 support. The introduction may emphasize lukewarm welcome for DDR2 SDRAM by the industry and Intel’s desire to improve its positioning on the chipset market. Intel’s forthcoming i915PL and i915GL chipsets …more

OpenOffice 1.1.4 Final

“ OpenOffice.org is the open source project through which Sun Microsystems is releasing the technology for the popular StarOffice productivity suite. It is an international office suite that will run on all major platforms and provide access to all functionality and data through open-component based APIs and an XML-based file format. The OpenOffice.org project establishes the necessary facilities …more

Firefox Ad Boosts Downloads

“ Last week’s two-page advertisement in the The New York Times paid for by fans of Mozilla’s Firefox browser is bringing in more downloads, a Mozilla employee said Wednesday in an online blog. The ad, which ran in last Thursday’s edition of the newspaper, celebrated the November launch of Firefox 1.0, the alternative browser which has been …more

Apple’s Operating System Tiger Leaked

Apple is suing several developer’s of it’s latest MAC OS X v10.4 given the moniker Tiger, which was allegedly leaked onto BiTorrent sites. “Apple offers pre-release versions of its operating system to some of its registered developers under strict non-disclosure rules. These rules prohibit the developers from sharing Tiger with others. Apple alleges in a lawsuit that …more

Lilliputian 9700

Cutest thing I ever did see, and what a stocking stuffer this literal baby would make! Pictures at AKIBA PC HOTLINE. “” The Inquirer

nVidia Guru David Kirk Answers Your Questions

“David Kirk has an insatiable need for power. Graphics rendering power, that is. He’s fond of saying, “Why use a screwdriver when you can use a sledgehammer?” As nVidia’s Chief Scientist, Kirk has overseen development of architectures including the original GeForce, GeForce 2, GeForce 3, GeForce 4, GeForceFX, and most recently, the GeForce 6 series. …more

Asustek and MSI to support SiS756

“Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) recently confirmed that its SiS756 northbridge has already moved into mass production and motherboards using the chip will be available in the first quarter. The company officially announced this northbridge chip in the middle of March and it recently passed PCI-SIG PCI Express (PCIe) compatibility certification. The SiS756 supports the Advanced …more

AMD stopped from advertising NX flag as anti-virus cure

“ CHIP FIRM AMD has been prevented from advertising its NX bit as an antivirus panacea in the Netherlands. Dutch site Tweakers.net reports that after a complaint to the consumer commission that the AMD advertising was misleading, the firm is being prevented from describing the NX bit as a cure for all forms of viruses, as …more

Microsoft Plans New Windows Version in January

“ Microsoft Corp. will provide a stripped-down version of Windows from next month while it decides whether to appeal against a European Union court order, its general counsel said on Wednesday. The EU’s Court of First Instance earlier ordered Microsoft to carry out European Commission sanctions immediately. “We need to focus on doing an excellent job …more

Abit in financial difficulty?

Abit, maker of some very popular motherboards among PC-enthusiasts, may be struggling financially. Digitimes has reported supplier’s of PCBs and core logic chipsets became concerned after company chairperson Remond Lu stated banks may freeze Abit assets. The TSE (Taiwan Stock Exchange) downgraded Abit’s stock yesterday alluding to iniquitous financial practices.  “Over 70% of Abit’s total import and export business in the first half of …more

ATI’s profit up, but Intel threatens

“ GRAPHICS FIRM ATI turned in net profits of $63.7 million for its first financial quarter, up 34 per cent from the same period last year. The increase in net profit was matched by its revenues, which rose by 31 per cent to $613.9 million year on year. But shortage of some components meant that its …more

ATI prepares two new chipsets

“ ATI IS WORKING to improve two chipsets. Its RS480 and RX480 families had some features that could certainly do with a sound tweaking. Both chipsets suffered from USB 2.0 slowdown, lack of LAN and Azalia-like audio. Early adopters of ATI’s chipsets used the ULI Southbridge as it did had all those features ready and good …more