AMD readies Taylor, Trinidad and Socket S1, M1

“ CHIP FIRM AMD said in documents seen by the INQ that while its Lancaster 25W and 35W mobile socket 754 is scheduled for Q1 of this year, it has some other product offerings on its table. Never forget that Turion – known as [Cen]Turion to the INQ – has a similar flying glyph to the …more

Abit reaches tentative agreement with creditor banks

Believe it or not today ABIT stocks went up!  For the first time in over a week ABIT stocks regain some of the ground lost over the past couple months. ABIT stock rose to $1.59, which is a +6.71% net gain on the overall stock price.  One of the factors as to why the stock price …more

Intel Says New Mobile Chip Equals High-End Pentium 4 in Performance

“During this week’s launch of the Sonoma Centrino technology, Mooly Eden, vice president and director of marketing of Intel’s new Mobility Group, demonstrated a video game on a new Sonoma laptop and compared its performance to that of the same video game running on a Pentium 4 desktop PC. The Sonoma design contains the Pentium …more

Intel times 64 bit CPUs to arrive with WinXP Pro X64

“ IF YOU ASK either Intel or AMD when Microsoft will launch WinXP Pro X64, executives from both firms will look at you for a little while, tilt their eyeballs slightly upwards, and then look at you straight in the eye and intone the mantram: “You will have to ask Microsoft about the release of its …more

Abit wins big deal in UK

Looks like the bit of good news Abit is getting isn’t having much effect on their stock, which continues to spiral downward. Kind of amazing when you consider the popularity of their products Yahoo Finance “DESPITE THE FINANCIAL drama that is happening to Abit in Taiwan, we hear that there are some positive things happening. …more

Afternoon Reviews

Today’s Must Read Review:  Intel Sonoma Mobile Platform Launched  Adrian’s Rojak Pot has just posted the Intel Sonoma Mobile Platform Review! Legit Reviews was the first to do a public showing on it and Adrian’s is the first to review it! “Today, we take a close look at the new Sonoma mobile platform as well …more

NVIDIA’s SLI Shortchanges Gamers?

“ According to NVIDIA?s marketing, NVIDIA?s Scalable Link Interface (SLI) “can deliver as much as 2x the performance of a single GPU configuration for unparalleled gaming experiences.” What NVIDIA fails to make clear, however, is that SLI currently requires NVIDIA to write driver profiles for each game to support SLI. Are all the games you want …more

Firefox gains on Internet Explorer

“ figures from web-monitoring outfit WebSideStory show that the use of the open sauce browser Firefox use has more than doubled in the last three months. Apparently Firefox has a startling huge five per cent of users in comparison to Vole’s 90 per cent. But before anyone get too excited and exercised, and starts writing off …more

AMD to upgrade memory controller

“ ONE MORE BIT ABOUT AMD and memory to expand on yesterday’s DDR2 story. One of the biggest updates to the E0 step Athlon64s that will be announced soon is the memory controller. The new parts support double sided DIMMs in all slots at DDR-400. Previously you had to drop to DDR-333 or take your chances. …more

Intel’s dual-core CPUs to set new record

“ Intel’s upcoming dual-core processors once again will test the limits of power consumption. According to documents seen by Tom’s Hardware Guide, the Smithfield CPUs are rated at a thermal design power of 130 watts, an increase of 13 percent from today’s Prescott processors. “ TechConnect Magazine

ATI to launch R481 soon

“ EVEN THOUGH RIALTO should be ready in the next few days, ATI decided to make one more AGP high end chip. We were surprised when we saw a R481 chip listed but it hasn’t taken us long to find out more about it. R481 is a R480, for the Radeon X850 with an AGP interface. …more

Throttle Watch 2.0 released

Panopsys has released a new version of Throttle Watch. The utility now monitor’s AMD64 CPU’s as well as Pentium-4, Pentium-M, and Xeon. Download the free version here. “ThrottleWatch? is a Windows utility for detecting and reporting CPU throttling activity in Pentium 4, Xeon, Pentium M, and Athlon 64 processors.   New version 2.0 also graphs (and optionally …more

Dual core Intel chips like Bunsen burners, almost

“TOM’S HARDWARE Guide claims it’s seen internal Intel documents that show Intel Smithfield dual core chips have a thermal design rated at 130 watts. That’s 13 per cent more than Intel’s current 5xx Prescott range, claims The Pabster. Supply current, said the site, will go from 119 amps to 125 amps, while the processors will …more

Logitech readies top gaming mouse

I’m actually in the process of finishing up an article on the MX1000 Laser Mouse for gaming. Look for that toward the end of next week. “LOGITECH IS ABOUT TO CHANGE gaming peripherals once again with a new mouse. One of the things it did not announce at CES was the new 518 mouse. This …more