IDF Spring 2005 – Multi-Core and Intel SLI

Hexus has a few really good, and really interesting pieces up on IDF 2005, Nate should be posting his notes sometime today, so until then check these out.  IDF Spring 2005: Day 1 Keynote : Craig Barrett  IDF Spring 2005: Manufacturing Enhancements to CMOS Technology  IDF Spring 2005: Intel Multi-Core strategy  IDF Spring 2005: Silicon Photonics …more

OCZ Technology Reaches DDR1-772 with 3-4-4 Timings

This does indeed seem to be very impressive. My only question/concern would be the complete lack of system specs. I would put alot more into this if OCZ were to provide a rundown of components and settings used….here is the Press release so you can see for yourself, included are some links to their screen …more

Yahoo! Set to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

Co-founders Jerry Yang and David Filo parlayed Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO – news) from a college hobby into a full-time job 10 years ago, but the Internet icon was never quite comfortable with the happy-go-lucky mood of the dot-com boom. It’s not that Yang and Filo don’t like to have fun. After all, they gave their …more

AOL Integrates Buddy Lists With Outlook

Users of America Online Inc.’s instant messaging service can now automatically see from Microsoft Corp.’s popular Outlook e-mail application whether their friends and colleagues are online. A free tool AOL is offering beginning Monday integrates “buddy list” information from AOL Instant Messenger with Outlook. When you receive an e-mail from an AIM member who is …more

Jeff Raskin dead at 61

“ THE MERCILESS factor in the lives of all living creatures called time has struck at a man who thought deep and hard and came up with the idea of the Apple Mac. It was a machine which galvanised Microsoft’s mind, and concentrated Intel’s brain. Jeff Raskin died over the weekend in Pacifica. Mr Raskin started …more

Blurring the line between games and life

“The first advertisement appeared in USA Today a week ago, right on schedule. People from around the world had stayed up all night waiting for it, talking in chat rooms and online forums. It had to be a clue, they thought. Everything before it had been a clue. “LOST. The Cube,” read the ad, posted …more

Taiwan mobo makers: Chipsets for socket 775 P4 processors to be abundant in 2Q

“Core-logic chipsets from Intel and Nvidia for socket 775 Pentium 4 CPUs are expected to see greater availability in the second quarter, and this will place additional pressure on Taiwan-based chipset makers, according to market sources. Nvidia will begin volume shipments of its first Pentium 4-supporting core-logic chipsets in the first half of April, targeting …more

Internet fame is cruel mistress for video dancer

This guy definitely is getting his 15 minutes….. “There was a time when embarrassing talents were a purely private matter. If you could sing “The Star Spangled Banner” in the voice of Daffy Duck, no one but your friends and family would ever have to know. But with the Internet, humiliation–like everything else–has now gone …more

Battle Royale, Pentium 4 at 5.2GHz

  “ We’ve all probably heard that Craig Barret got down on his knees and pleaded for forgiveness after Intel announced it will not be releasing a 4GHz Pentium 4. AMD must have thought that was pretty funny, as the architecture that was said to scale upwards of 5GHz didn?t even get to 4GHz, but maybe …more

Mozilla Releases Firefox 1.0.1

A new version of Mozilla is out today that fixes some minor flaws in their code.  As always you must uninstall version 1.0 to intall 1.0.1!  Good thing Mozilla Firefox is less than 5mb!  “Mozilla Firefox 1.0.1 has just been released. A minor update, this version fixes a few security holes and some other bugs. …more

Intel show to tackle debate over dual-core chips

“At an Intel-sponsored developer conference next week, one of the big debates will be, “what exactly is a dual-core processor?” The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chipmaker will provide details about a host of processors at the three-day Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. On tap: a discussion of chips for servers, notebooks and desktops coming out …more

AMD claims it’s catching Intel on 65 nano tech

“ ROBERT RIVET, chief financial officer of AMD, spoke at the Goldman Sachs technology investment symposium 2005 and gave a fair amount of details on its process plans. AMD is on track to produce 65 nanometre processors, he said. While he said that Intel is clearly behind AMD on 64-bit technology, AMD won’t be that far …more

Taiwan motherboard market overview

“Taiwan?s success in the motherboard sector has followed the development of Taiwan?s IT industry and the explosion in PC use worldwide. Throughout the 1990s, Taiwan?s motherboard companies experienced rapid growth and secured their dominance of the world market. By 2003, Taiwan motherboard makers had control of 79.2% of the global market, according to the Taiwan-based …more

A-Data all set to sample high frequency DDR2 and FB-DIMM modules

“A-Data Technology is on track to sample a range of high frequency DDR2 modules in March, according to the company. Apart from new 2GB DDR2-533 and 2GB DDR2-400 modules, the company will be sampling both DDR2-667 and DDR2-800 modules. Next quarter, A-Data is also preparing to release 512MB FB-DIMM samples. With an Intel chipset supporting …more