AMD chips to launch in early April

AMD roadmap…updated 3/10/2005 “ A FILING ON the Ace’s Hardware forum points to several AMD documents which demonstrate changes ahead on the chip firm’s desktop chips. The PDFs show that AMD is switching a number of its microprocessors over to Revision E on April the fourth. And the person who filed the report said he thought …more

Thursday Morning News (Almost Friday!)

Thursday Morning News (Almost Friday!)

Samsung going to release a cell phone w/ 7mp camera Good news for cell phone camera users today as Samsung is showing off a 7mp camera at Cebit 2005. The bad news is that it looks more like a camera than a phone. “The dual-face bar-type SCH-V770 boasts 16-million-color liquid crystal display (LCD), 32-megabyte external …more

Server Problems

Legit Reviews has been online since 2002 and we have made a lot of progress when it comes to hosting.  We are now on our 4th hosting company who has and is serving us well. Right now we are working with our host on the dedicated servers trying to pin point some database issues on our servers.  Till …more

Press Releases

Here are a couple press releases that are worth a mention.   ATI CATALYST 5.3 Launched w/ support of OpenGL 2.0 Good news today for S3 and parent company VIA as they announce that the GammaChromeS18 is now available on the open market.  Great news for VIA who have been trying to put a number of new products …more

Today’s Reviews Around The Web

Today’s Reviews Around The Web

Dual nVIDIA 6800’s on a single card: is showing off an ASUS card with dual 6800’s this morning.  The card looks like a monster and leaves me wondering if I can run two of these babies on an SLI motherboard.  No interconnect is present, but would you need one since both cards already have …more

Athlon 64 4200+

“ AMD IS CLOSE to releasing its next Athlon 64 CPUs. Busy people at the Xtreme Systems forum managed to get a CPU-Z snapshot of the AMD upcoming 4200+ CPU. That is what that site reckons. This CPU is actually clocked at 2600MHz just the same as the FX55 but in the case of Athlon 64 …more

Asetek releases very quiet cooler

“ A DANISH based company that likes to cool things out and goes under the name of Asetek finally released a very nice and inexpensive CPU air based cooler. The company is going to show this product at CeBIT and you will be able to see it in just a few days time. Asetek joined forces …more

CeBIT: the show readies to kick off, Taiwan sets new record

“Long acknowledged as the world?s leading technology tradeshow, CeBIT starts again this Thursday, March 10 in Hannover, Germany with the strongest ever attendance from Taiwan. According to preliminary data from organizers Deutsche Messe AG, 777 exhibitors will represent Taiwan this year, surpassing the 2004 record of 702 companies by more than 10%. Once again, and …more

Counter-Strike and Warcraft III on ACON5 roster

“ACON5 is slated to kick off March 9 in the UK followed shortly after in China March 26, according to Abit gaming brand manager Lester Lau. The ACON5 gaming tournament, sponsored by Abit, Intel, ATI Technologies, LG Electronics, Corsair and Creative will be held in over 20 countries and territories, with 16 semi-finals, said Lau. …more

In life after the bubble, tech takes a backseat

“Five years ago Thursday, a pin pricked the Internet bubble. And in that five-year span, the tech-heavy Nasdaq has fallen by more than half, corporate America has pulled back its IT spending, a large swath of jobs have been cut across a number of industry sectors, consumer confidence has waned, and the tech sector, which …more

Intel Talks About Gaming & Multi Threads

Who said that Intel doesn’t care about gamers?  Today we get a PR from our Intel contacts saying that they are going full steam ahead with dual-core-based software!  We hope that all our friends in the gaming industry get all the help they need from Intel! “SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 8, 2005 – Intel Corporation …more

Monday Reviews

Intel’s BTX Form Factor – An Analysis and Opinion BTX based systems are (very) slowly surfacing, but what is this BTX all about anyway? We take a look at what it consists of and whether we think it will be any good. AMD also provided us with a response regarding their systems and the BTX …more

Nvidia gets refresh on SLI driver

“ WHILE IT WILL REMAIN beta until Nvidia finishes testing it, a beta release of Forceware 70 has been available on the firm’s site for a few days now. Nvidia tested 60 games and applications and added it to the SLI ready list. This driver also brings support for 6200 with the Turbo Cache series, better …more

Firefox developer feels like throwing in the towel

“ FIREFOXER Mike Connor is complaining in his blog that the development of the Mozilla-sponsored alternative browser isn’t getting the attention it deserves from its parent. An exasperated Connor says he?s “on the verge of just walking away indefinitely” from the project because of its “glacial pace of development.” The problem, says Connor is that there …more