More snags in Windows XP Service Pack 2

“ PC WORLD labs reports it has unearthed two bugs in Windows XP Service Pack 2, one affecting battery life on notebooks, and the other dual layer DVD drives. According to the report, SP2 has a negative effect on dual layer DVD drives when running Nero software, slowing down InCD4 burning software by as much as …more

Reversal: Next IE update divorced from Windows

“Reversing a longstanding Microsoft policy, Bill Gates said Tuesday that the company will ship an update to its browser separately from the next major version of Windows. A beta, or test, version of Internet Explorer 7 will debut this summer, Microsoft’s chairman and chief software architect said in a keynote address at the RSA Conference …more

Motherboard compatibility is the key priority ? An interview with Kingmax VP Lawrence Chang

“ Having boosted its capacity by 50% with a new plant in China, Kingmax Semiconductor is hoping to increase its share of the DRAM-module market. But this strategy poses plenty of questions. When can we really expect DDR2 to boom? What does Intel validation mean for a channel-oriented DRAM-module manufacturer? Why does Kingmax market ?color? modules …more

XGI goes after North American graphics card market

“XGI Technology, a graphics-solution provider, today announced the signing of a distribution agreement with ASI Corporation to promote and sell graphics cards powered by XGI GPUs in the US market. ASI will market and sell XGI?s Volari series cards, including the Volari V8 for the high-end market, V5 for the mainstream market, and the V3XT …more

S-ATA to USB bridge chip released

“ OXFORD SEMI said it has released a bridge chip which will speed up the ability to create external hard drives and optical drives for the Macintosh and the PC. The chip, the OXU921S, is a 128 pin device with an integrated S-ATA phy, a USB 2.0 phy, and an ARM7 TDMI microprocessor. The firmware, said …more

AMD cuts chip prices

You can read my little rant regarding this article and the price gouging being practiced by Newegg and others in our fourms Forum “ Advanced Micro Devices adjusted the prices on a number of its PC and server processors on Monday. The chipmaker, in a regularly scheduled price adjustment, followed the introduction of higher-performance Opteron server …more

71.81 WHQL Drivers are “out” on the web

If you are running some of the recent Geforce 6 series cards or even the Quadro gfx card you might be interested in the 71.81 WHQL drivers that have found on the web.  Enthusiasts are seeing a 8-12% gain on 3dmark2005 and some issues have been fixed on Halo. Since these are “leaked” we suggest …more

Circuit City mulls $3.25 billion takeover offer

I knew that Walmart was hurting stores like Circuit City, but I didn’t know they were this bad!  The #2 Consumer Electronic Store in America could soon be owned by a new company if this deal is accepted and approved. “Circuit City Stores, the No. 2 U.S. consumer electronics chain, on Tuesday said it had …more

DVD copy protection strengthened

Looks like DVD’s are going to be tougher to copy, but good news is still to be had!  It turns out that the new anti-piracy measures still can’t evade all the current ripping programs! “DVDs will be harder to copy thanks to new anti-piracy measures devised by copy protection firm Macrovision.The pirated DVD market is enormous because current copy …more

Girl gamers who shoot first, love later

If you didn’t have a loved one to share the night with last night (Valentine’s Day) then gaming might be the way to a new love according to this article.  Who woulda thought you could hook up with women through an online game! “Falling in love with someone you meet online through a chatroom or …more

CPU-Z 1.27 Released

Grab the latest version of CPU-Z if you haven’t already! Recently version 1.27 was launched and is worth the update if you need it. This update supports Pentium 4 6xx processors and has a new validation system built in. “CPU-Z is a diagnostic tool that provides information on your CPU, including: processor name and vendor, core stepping …more

AMD Introduces Opteron 852 and 252

SUNNYVALE, CALIF.-Feb. 14, 2005-AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the latest additions to the award-winning AMD Opteron(tm) processor family – Models 852 and 252. The new models represent the worlds highest performing processors for one-way to eight-way x86 servers and workstations. To enable OEMs and system builders to take advantage of the next generation of I/O …more

7.22GHz Intel Pentium 4 — Overclocking Done Right!

Looks like Fugger got his Intel 3.8GHz Socket T processor up to 7.22GHz and able to enter the BIOS and all.  Pretty darn nifty, but how come his CPU is running -122 degrees! Well worth a look if you like overclocking and are a fan of Intel cpu’s. Some pictures of the overclock can be seen …more

Math Is Done: Napster To Go Doesn’t Add Up

This article done by the Washington Post and published on Yahoo News puts a new twist on how to look at the Napster Music Service. It turns out that the Napster To Go’s $15 monthly bills, will keep coming due for as long as you care to listen to your downloads.  Even if you don’t …more