Longhorn could be tough sell for Microsoft

“ Longhorn has already survived several major delays, intense scrutiny from the industry and a radical redesign of its features. But the toughest test for Microsoft’s next release of Windows is still to come: Will anyone buy it? Even though it’s been five years since Windows XP’s debut, Microsoft could still face a tough sell when …more

ATI R520 has 24 plus pipelines

“ ATI’S FUTURE R520 CHIP will end up with a minimum of twenty four pipelines. We are talking about an extremely big chip and it won’t be a problem to plumb it with more than just twenty four pipes. “

Intel releases new high-end Xeon processors

“ SAN FRANCISCO–Intel released on Tuesday a new generation of Xeon chips, its first high-end models to include 64-bit features designed to easily accommodate large amounts of memory. “

Morning Reviews

X-Bit has a lab on the mainstream Geforce 6600GT by Leadtek on the review bench.  Looks like they think it’s a decent card. “Please meet a new graphics card from Leadtek, which has just left our labs. Excellent performance, high-quality cooling solution and nice accessories bundle ? this product is definitely worth taking into consideration …more

Indian Ocean Region: Tsunami Warning

It looks like Sri Lanka, Thialand, and Indonesia are telling those living in low lying areas to move to higher ground. Since a good chunk of our readers are in Asia we hope the best and that you have already made it to a safe location.  Sri Lanka issued a warning that the earthquake may spawn …more

Adobe Photoshop CS2 coming soon

“¬†Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe Photoshop CS2, a major upgrade to the professional industry standard for digital image editing and creation. Available as a stand-alone software application or as a key component of Adobe Creative Suite 2, also announced today (see separate press release), Photoshop CS2 software brings a new level of power, …more

Hidden Web Browser in Sony PSP

“ The newly launched hand-held game console from Sony has some secrets up its sleeves. The Sony PSP seems to have a little nifty secret which allows PSP users to browse the internet with their web browser. Sony hasn’t announced of any such integrated browser with the PSP, however, some folks managed to find the hidden treasure. In …more

Monday Morning News

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and made it safely back to the daily grind of work.  Not too much news going on today yet, so I thought I’d just link to some things going on here at the site.  For starters, we have a review on the Sapphire X850 XT PCIe video …more

First Look: Sony’s Impressive PlayStation Portable

“It’s black and shiny with clear acrylic buttons; it plays games, music, and movies; and it’s coming to a store near you March 24. It’s Sony’s $250 PlayStation Portable, and after two days of intense testing, I’ve reached a conclusion: You’re probably going to want one of these, despite a few minor flaws. The first …more


  “Extra zeros on Amazon.com’s listing for a ViewSonic Tablet PC drew a blizzard of bogus “buyer” reviews of a system so powerful that one claimed “the singularity used to power this device is unstable” and another wrote “I was able to create my own flux capacitor to travel back in time.” Although the listing’s …more

Intel looking for market to migrate to 600-series CPUs by 3Q, mobo makers disagree

“Intel is hoping the market will migrate from 500-series Pentium 4 CPUs to 64-bit 600-series by the third quarter of this year, with the chip giant promoting the fact that 915- and 945-series chipsets will support the 64-bit CPU platform, according to market sources. Sources at motherboard makers commented that quotes for the 600-series Pentium …more

Broadband scuffle reaches Supreme Court

“Two competing visions of the future of high-speed Internet services will face off before the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, in a closely watched case that could set the rules of the road for broadband competition in America for years to come. At stake is whether cable broadband providers must share their lines with rivals–as …more

Super-cooled AMD Venice benchmarked

“ SPODS at Xtremesystems have gotten themselves all in a lather over some AMD chips. After fiddling with a pair of 90nm ‘Venice’ samples, the overclockers reckon to have unearthed evidence that the Prince Harry* of chipmaking has cured a bug which afflicting ‘Winchester’ cores. The boys booted their Venice 3500+ at temperatures down to -40C, …more

Taiwan vendors sign-on with Samsung for NAND flash

“The average consumer?s demand for mobile storage will top 100GB by 2007 ? a five-fold increase from current levels ? as a wider variety of consumer electronics applications and richer content become available on the market in the next few years, according to Chang-Gyu Hwang, president of Memory Division, Device Solution Network of Samsung Electronics. …more