DVD copy protection strengthened

Looks like DVD’s are going to be tougher to copy, but good news is still to be had!  It turns out that the new anti-piracy measures still can’t evade all the current ripping programs! “DVDs will be harder to copy thanks to new anti-piracy measures devised by copy protection firm Macrovision.The pirated DVD market is enormous because current copy …more

Girl gamers who shoot first, love later

If you didn’t have a loved one to share the night with last night (Valentine’s Day) then gaming might be the way to a new love according to this article.  Who woulda thought you could hook up with women through an online game! “Falling in love with someone you meet online through a chatroom or …more

CPU-Z 1.27 Released

Grab the latest version of CPU-Z if you haven’t already! Recently version 1.27 was launched and is worth the update if you need it. This update supports Pentium 4 6xx processors and has a new validation system built in. “CPU-Z is a diagnostic tool that provides information on your CPU, including: processor name and vendor, core stepping …more

AMD Introduces Opteron 852 and 252

SUNNYVALE, CALIF.-Feb. 14, 2005-AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the latest additions to the award-winning AMD Opteron(tm) processor family – Models 852 and 252. The new models represent the worlds highest performing processors for one-way to eight-way x86 servers and workstations. To enable OEMs and system builders to take advantage of the next generation of I/O …more

7.22GHz Intel Pentium 4 — Overclocking Done Right!

Looks like Fugger got his Intel 3.8GHz Socket T processor up to 7.22GHz and able to enter the BIOS and all.  Pretty darn nifty, but how come his CPU is running -122 degrees! Well worth a look if you like overclocking and are a fan of Intel cpu’s. Some pictures of the overclock can be seen …more

Math Is Done: Napster To Go Doesn’t Add Up

This article done by the Washington Post and published on Yahoo News puts a new twist on how to look at the Napster Music Service. It turns out that the Napster To Go’s $15 monthly bills, will keep coming due for as long as you care to listen to your downloads.  Even if you don’t …more

Profits drop at PC giant Dell

Dell stocks too a small hit just before the weekend, but it looks like they knew it was coming and was a trade off for tax breaks next year. “Computer industry bellwether Dell has reported an 11% drop in quarterly profit because of a one-off tax charge. Net income in the three months to 28 …more

Only “good” Pentium 4s have EM64T enabled

“ ONLY THE CYNICAL survive. Long after they are supposed to, probably. Intel has told everyone on the record now that it will soon switch all of its desktop processors over to support for 64-32 extensions – or iAMD64 as we dub it. How will it do this? Well, the engineers at a fab will throw …more

AMD FX57 coming soon?

“ OVER here you will find a guide to the Athlon 64 guide, probably one of the most complete. Mentionned over therer is the forthcoming but still unannounced FX 57. A very complete handbook which can be translated using Google. “ The Inquirer

Macromedia and Nokia to bring Flash to phones

Get ready to start seeing compelling Flash content for mobile devices from here on out! “Macromedia and Nokia announced an agreement to integrate Macromedia Flash technology into Nokia’s Series 60 Platform for mobile devices, including smart phones. The partnership hopes to foster development work to create Flash content and applications for mobile phones. There are …more

Samsung TCCD IC’s — Still Making News!

Seems like The INQ published an update to their Samsung TCCD article and try to claim our information is all wrong.  The only thing our article states is that there is nothing to freak out about. The Samsung TCCD supply is going to last months even if they stopped 100% of their production today.  The …more

Winbond and ProMOS pursue capacity expansion amid industry downturn

It should be interesting to see what IC’s these two companies will be producing in the future.  Hopefully something good for enthusiasts!  IC’s like the BH-5’s or TCCD’s wouldn’t hurt on the DDR2 side of things! “Despite most observers forecasting an industry downturn in 2005, both Winbond Electronics and ProMOS Technologies recently secured bank loans …more

ULi to unveil PCIe-enabled northbridge with K8 support in February

“ULi Electronics plans to unveil its first PCIe-enabled northbridge chip, the M1695, for the Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) K8 platform by the end of this month, according to company sources. The new chip joins ULi?s M1573 southbridge to provide a complete PCIe-enabled chipset. The M1695, which is comparable to the SiS756 chipset from Silicon Integrated …more

Intel standard cooler not really good enough

“ IT’S BEEN A a little while since we first saw Intel’s 775 Pentium 4 stock cooler. As you know, as soon as Intel launched the LGA775 socket, cooling manufacturers had to come up with some new ideas. The final shipping cooler is mounted on four holes in the motherboard, and the cooler works using a …more