Dell Moves On Dual-Core Intel CPUs

Dell Moves On Dual-Core Intel CPUs

Looks like the new dual-core processors are locked and loaded, and ready to land on a desk top near you!  Will these new “super machines” be a gamers delight?  An overclockers dream?    Dell Monday announced a pair of desktop PCs that will be among the first to rely on Intel’s new dual-core processor. When they come available …more

Intel reveals Wimax wireless chip

Wimax isn’t ground breaking news, but it looks like Intel officially unveiled the new wireless chipset that is supposed to bring the net to rural areas. Tech giant Intel has unveiled a chip that gives access to wide-reaching wireless networks. The new chip uses Wimax, which enables broadband connections over several miles, unlike the short …more

Adobe to buy Macromedia for $3.4 billion

Big news today in the multimedia software industry as Adobe is looking to purchase Macromedia for 3.4 billion dollars. Both companies offer solid software that I personally use! Desktop publishing specialist Adobe Systems is buying multimedia software maker Macromedia in a $3.4 billion deal geared toward building a multimedia powerhouse. The all-stock deal should create …more

Sapphire X800 XL PCI-E Card Review

For those who are looking for a good midrange graphics card, XtremeComputing has taken a look at the Sapphire Radeon X800XL. Check out the forums for links to this review and more. Taking a closer look at the cards GPU block reveals Sapphire tribal alien again on show, I also noticed the grim reality that …more

First Look: PalmOne Tungsten E2 PDA

PalmOne, a leading maker of handheld computers has a new gadget on the market that should appeal to those with smaller wallets but good taste. Head on over to the forums for the link as well as links to other news around the web! “PalmOne has been a strong leader in developing Personal Digital Assistants …more

iPod sales fuel Apple profit leap

Looks like Apple is having strong iPod sales, but stock value is still going down. Apple sold more than five million iPod digital music players in the first three months of 2005, helping it to boost quarterly income six-fold. Buoyant sales of iPods helped the firm raise its net income by 530% to $290m (153m; …more

Firefox draws 2.6 million surfers in March

Looks like Firefox 1.0.2 is doing pretty damn good, because in two months they gained a million visitors to their website and everything seems to be going good. More than 2.6 million people visited the Firefox Web site in March to obtain more information about the open-source software and perhaps download it, according to Nielsen/NetRatings. …more

AMD may cut Sempron prices in early May

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) plans to lower the unit prices for Socket 754 Sempron processors in early May, with the maximum cut being 15%, according to Taiwan motherboard makers.  Good news to those looking for a mainstream single channel system! Price cuts for the Sempron Socket-754 models will be one of the keys in helping …more

Intel debuts 854 chipset for CES Market

Looks like Intel is showing off some new chipset technology over at IDF Taiwan this week.  The first hot item shown off was a bunch of products using the Intel 854 chipset.  This chipset is aimed at the consumer electronics market, so they included set-top boxes and hard disk drive DVD players.  “The 854 platform is built …more

Intel Begins Shipping First Dual-Core Chips

“Intel , the world’s largest chip maker, said on Monday it has begun shipping the first of a new generation of personal computer microprocessors that combine the power of two chips into one. Intel’s arch-rival, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. , is preparing to introduce a similar chip next week, a person briefed on the company’s …more

PlayStation 3 & Xbox 2 to debut on May 16th

Big news today for all the console gamers as May 16, 2005 looks to be the date that the embargo lifts on the consoles.  Can you say PS3 and Xbox 2 ownage?  Head on over to the forums and vote for which one you are waiting on! “On May 16, at 3PM PST, Sony will …more

Microsoft Files 8 Counterfeit Lawsuits

Looks like the Microsoft software test purchase program really does work!  I don’t think these eight lawsuits are going to reduce the 22% of pirated software currently being used by consumers. “Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest software maker, on Monday said it was filing lawsuits against eight computer system builders and resellers in seven U.S. …more

Will AMD Win the Dual-Core Race?

“The race between Intel and Advanced Micro Devices to be first to market with dual-core processors is about to come to a close. AMD is expected to introduce its first dual-core Opteron processors an event in New York City scheduled for April 21, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans.  The event will come …more

Thursdays Reviews From Around The Web

Featured Review Of The Day: HIS X850 XT IceQ II Dual DVI VIVO 256MB PCIe @ Bjorn3D “ Just as the HIS X850XT PE, this is not a cheap card. The best price I could find was  $605 at Newegg, which is about $50 less than the HIS X850XT PE. Here in Sweden the difference is …more