Zynga Shuts Down 11 Online Games – PetVille, Mafia Wars 2 & More

Zynga stock has dropped ~75% since the company’s IPO last year and CEO Mark Pincus said a huge cost reduction plan was in the works. It looks like Zynga is cutting costs by reducing the game titles it has available. This means that many popular games that were playable online through Facebook or the iOS or Android apps are no longer available. The most popular title Zynga shut down was PetVille, which had 1 million monthly active users. That is a large group of people that are going to be impacted by the closure, but nothing compared to the 43.5 million people that played FarmVille 2 this month.

PetVille Game Closed

Zynga Games That Are Ending:

  • PetVille – Shut down as of yesterday.
  • Mafia Wars 2 – Shut down to new players as of yesterday.
  • FishVille – Shut down December 5th.
  • Vampire Wars – No longer available.
  • Treasure Isle – No longer available.
  • Indiana Jones Adventure World – Closed to new players as of November 14. Due to go offline for everyone on January 14.
  • Montopia – Terminated as of December 21.
  • Mafia Wars Shakedown – App no longer available.
  • Forestville – App no longer available.
  • Mojitomo – App no longer available.
  • Word Scramble Challenge – App no longer available.

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