ZEROtherm Zen FZ120 CPU Cooler – Performance For Just $39

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A Closer Look

fan of the ZEROtherm FZ120 Zen

Let’s start by looking at the fan. This time around ZEROtherm went with a standard non-LED120mm fan (left) over the custom style blue LED fan that is used on the Nirvana (right). We have never had an issue with the Nirvana’s fan, but it is nice that the Zen’s fan can be easily replaced. The fan is capable of running at 1,800 RPM, pushing 59.48 CFM, and only reaching 31dBA.

ZEROtherm FZ120 Zen Heatpipes

Looking at the front of the Zen (left) ZEROtherm continued to use U shape heatpipes. Like the Nirvana the Zen has 4 ‘U’ shape pipes for a total of 8 vertical pipes to dissipate heat. The Zen is also a fair bit taller than the Nirvana, which is not good. At 6.14” the Zen’s height can be an issue when fitting it in a case. As we have seen in the past, coolers that are over 6” can be a real problem fitting inside some of the narrower mid tower cases on the market.

ZEROtherm FZ120 Zen Cooling Fins

Like the Nirvana each of the Zen’s cooling fins has the middle section pushed down to create a honey comb effect.

Foot print of the ZEROtherm FZ120 Zen

A nice improvement over the Nirvana is the Zen’s overall foot print. ZEROtherm made the cooler shape more in line with that of a standard tower coolers, but with profile that is a style all their own.

Base of the ZEROtherm FZ120 Zen

The base of the Zen is copper. The finish on the base is good, but in the right light you can see some machining marks. The base comes shipped protected with a plastic film.

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