Zalman Z11 Plus Black Case Review

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Unboxing the Z11 Plus

Zalman Z11 Plus Box Front

The packaging that Zalman uses for this particular chassis is plain and simple. We get an image of the chassis and some general information about the Z11 Plus chassis. The opposite side has the exact same information that is listed here.

Zalman Z11 Plus Box Side

On the side panel of the packaging, Zalman lists some general features of this chassis in several different languages. Again, the opposite side panel has the exact same information written on it.

Zalman Z11 Plus Box Opened

Upon opening the packaging that Zalman uses for the Z11 Plus Chassis, we can see it is not much different from how other chassis manufacturers package their chassis.


Zalman Z11 Plus Accessories

This is the small parts bag that Zalman included with the Z11 Plus. I do like how Zalman uses a top locking zip-lock bag instead of the traditional zip-lock bag that other manufacturers use. What we should get with the bag of accessories are:

  • All of the screws required for assembly:
  • Motherboard standoffs
  • Motherboard screws
  • Thumb screws
  • HDD T screws
  • HDD rubber isolators
  • CD/DVD/Blue ray drive screws
  • EPS CPU power cable extender
  • Wire ties
  • USB 3 PCI cover that will be needed for the front USB 3 IO cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Unfortunately, I did not get any of the HDD T screws that will be needed for me to install my 3.5″ HDD into the Z11 Plus chassis. Thankfully, I do have some similar HDD T screws from previous chassis that I can use.

    Zalman Z11 Plus Front

    Here are the contents of the accessories bag laid out. What we don’t see is a third bag that contains all of the HDD T screws and the HDD rubber Isolators.

    Zalman Z11 Plus Front

    This is what the Zalman Z11 Plus chassis looks like from the front. Right off the bat, we can see that this chassis looks intimidating. This chassis has five 5.25” drive bays available for us to place CD/DVD/BLUE RAY drives and/or peripherals. If you still require the use of a floppy drive, this chassis can and will accommodate you.

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