Yubz Talk Mobile Bluetooth Handset Review

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Holy Voice Enhancement, Batman!

Yubz Talk Bluetooth Handset

Not only does the Yubz Bluetooth do a good job in projecting sound, it actually has a DSP that enhances your voice when you are talking to others.  People that I interacted with using the Yubz handset could hear me loud and clear.  Even when in a loud environment, I could be heard above the background noise that was around me.

If your mobile device supports voice calling, the Yubz will make voice calling with no problem.  We really never had any issue with calls being transferred to and from the handset from our mobile device.  When calls came in, they were instantly registered with the Yubz and answering the phone was very quick with no delay whatsoever.

Yubz Talk Bluetooth Handset

Yubz reports talk time to be around 5 hours and we pretty much saw that during our testing of the handset.  It really was amazing how comfortable this thing was.  Of course, things were a bit difficult if you were trying to do things “hands-free”.  Being in California, where you must be on a hands-free or wireless device, I didn’t really test the legality of driving down the I-10 using the Yubz.  I called my brother in law who is a detective and former patrolman here in L.A. and he told me that it looked as if it was legal for me to drive with the thing wedged between my shoulder and ear.

Yubz Talk in the Office Cube

I’m not too sure I’m going to take the chance however.  It would be very sad if I had to explain to someone why I got a $300 fine: “Yeah, I was on my Red Batphone and got pulled over since my shoulder was getting tired and I needed to transfer it to my other ear…”  Yeah, I’m not too sure about that.

Yubz Talk in the Navigator

Even walking around my office, it was very comfortable and very natural to hold conversations on the Yubz.  Unlike most Bluetooth headsets, I didn’t have the urge to raise my voice so that my party to could hear my voice.  In fact, it was actually, the opposite, I could really hold a private conversation with the Yubz close to my mouth. 

Regardless of the Yubz’s legality while driving, this is a great performing handset.  It has great volume and does a really good job of noise isolation for the user.  At just under $100, it’s a bit pricey, but you certainly get a unique looking Bluetooth device that will turn heads.

Legit Bottom Line:

The Yubz Bluetooth Handset is a great throwback to the old school rotary phones of yesterday.  It works as an excellent Bluetooth handset for your favorite Bluetooth device.  We really think the Yubz well worth the $99 retail price.

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