Yubz Talk Mobile Bluetooth Handset Review

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Out of the Box – Utility Belt Not Included

Yubz Talk Bluetooth Handset in Black

After taking the handset out of its packaging, we really couldn’t believe how alike this thing was compared to the one that most of us grew up with in their home.  The size and weight of the handset is almost identical to that of the original.  The Yubz AC Charger that is included has a coiled cable like the old-school phones as well!

Yubz Talk Box Contents

The Yubz Bluetooth Handset has a Built-in LED indicator that illuminates and flashes red and blue.  This indicator is used to alert the user of pairing and call status, low battery level, and general ready status.  This handset really does have everything you need to keep you in touch with the Commissioner or your significant other while you are out solving crimes.

After we charged the battery, we paired the Yubz with our Treo 750 and Apple iPhone mobile devices with no problem at all.  I’m telling you, walking around with a red cordless handset makes you feel kind of important – and you definitely get people looking at you while you are on the phone.  In fact, with the Yubz just sitting on my desk, people kept coming by wanting to know where I got the phone or if it was real. So without even trying, I think Yubz has a head-turner here.

Yubz Talk Handset

Besides the classic coiled cord for power, when the phone rings, it even has a “Classic” ringtone.  It sounds like an old fashioned phone with a bell ringer.  Even with all this attention to the look that the handset has and Yubz’s dedication to the “old school” with the feel and even sound of the ringtone, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a very good Bluetooth headset.

During our test, we found that the range of the handset could operate easily past the 30-foot mark before it started to suffer from reduced performance due to distance.  


Yubz Talk Bluetooth Handset


Sound quality for the handset was incredibly good and loud.  Because we could press the headset against our ear and almost engulf our ear, we were able to hear our conversations quite well and I think this might be the loudest Bluetooth headset we have ever tested.


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