Xtreme Gear HP-1216B Five Heatpipe Copper CPU Cooler Review

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Final Thoughts

Xtreme Gear HP-1216B CPU Cooler

The HP-1216B from ExtremeGear is a nice cooler, easy to install. For a $29 cooler this is one of the lowest priced coolers, price-wise, I have reviewed. This would make for a nice upgrade from the stock Intel HSF for those on a budget. Yes, there are better coolers but for $29 the HP-1216B will allow for a budget build that will have breathing room for mild overclocking.

The only thing I found with the HP-1216B was that all 5 heatpipes don’t all fully mate up to the CPU. With the way HDT coolers are designed and the size of heat pipe required I don’t think it could be made to have all 5 on the CPU. This was even with the huge i7-920; on a smaller chip like the Core i5’s the two outer pipes wouldn’t even touch like they do on the i7-920.

The HP-1216B is only available through XtremeGear’s website for a price of $29.  

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Legit Bottom Line: The HP-1216B from XtremeGear is a nice little cooler. It is well built and would be a good option for a budget upgrade from a stock cooler.

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