Xion II Steel ATX Mid Tower Case Review

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Final Thoughts

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Once I got the Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard installed there is still plenty of room to be able to work around the motherboard without worrying about accidentally hitting something. I had no problems with cables rubbing up against capacitors or expansion cards. All that?s left is for some wire sleeving to make everything more manageable.

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The lightning is a nice touch. Not to bright but still noticeable. Asus probe is putting the case temperature at 24 degrees Celsius. That?s two degrees cooler than the previous case this setup was running in.

Final Thoughts

At first I was disappointed about the drive cover feeling it was a little flimsy, but I have personally never liked case doors. Once I had a chance to really investigate the case and put a system in it I was very happy with it. The design and color compliment each other making the case stand out and say ?look at me?. The case is sturdy and has a very solid feel to it not to mention that it looks good.

There is plenty of room inside for what ever you might decide you need to install and where to hide the cables at. The two 120mm fans and the 80mm fan really pulls a lot of air across the PC at a noise level that will not make you insane. Plus the 450 watt power supply that comes with it seems up to the job to keeping your power hungry components happy. After a day of monitoring the power consumption the +12V averaged in at 12.6V, the +5V was running at 4.95V, and the 3.3V was at 3.312V.

If you are interested in buying this case do so before 10-10-2005 as Newegg.com is carrying the XION II case for $59.99 with a $10 Mail-In-Rebate (MIR).  This means that you can get the XION II for $49.99 plus shipping, which is more than a bargin if you ask us.  For a steel case with lights, windows, and a 450 Watt power supply you can’t go wrong with this budget case that is aimed at the enthusiast/gamer market. 

The Legit Bottom Line

Overall I am very happy with this case especially with a normal price right around $60.00 + Shipping. For anyone on a budget looking for a quality case that comes with everything they need this would be a perfect case for them to start with.

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