XFX Radeon HD7850 2GB Black Edition Review

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3DMark 11

3D Mark 11
3DMark 11 is the latest iteration in Futuremark’s 3DMark catalog. It features DirectX 11 tests which are perfect for truly stress testing our GPUs.
XFX 7850 Black Edition 3DMark 11 Performance
Test Results: In our Performance Preset, which is 1280×720, we that our XFX 7850 Black Edition came in first in our charts yet again. With an overall score of 5713 it was pretty far ahead of both of our cards tested. To be exact it was 11% faster than the 6950 and 18% faster than the GTX 470.
XFX 7850 Black Edition 3DMark 11 Extreme
Test Results: When we took the test up to 1920×1080 we can see that again the XFX 7850 had a clear lead over the competition. With an overall score of 2214 our 7850 was 24% faster than our GTX 470, and 35% faster than our 6950.
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