XFX GeForce 8800 GTX and eVGA 8800 GTS GPU’s

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Tomb Raider: Legend

Tomb Raider: Legend Benchmarking

Laura Croft’s search for a South American relic changes course dramatically when she meets a dangerous figure from her past, and she finds herself in a race to recover one of history’s most famous artifacts.

Tomb Raider

This is a game that I tested in our part of the Multi-GPU World Tour back in July. I remembered that even 7900 GTX SLI struggled to provide playable performance with “Next Gen Content” detail level enabled in the game. Not only is the 8800 GTS faster in this test than all current Multi-GPU solutions on the market, the 8800 GTX is twice as fast as the 7950GX2 and is 58% faster than 7900 GTX SLI. While this isn’t a DirectX 10 game this test really shows just what kind of power lies in the 8800 GTX and how future games could perform. Not only was the 8800 GTX playable at these settings, turning in-game AA on resulted in a loss of only 3fps!

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