XFX 850W Black Edition Power Supply Review

XFX is well known for making video cards and motherboards. Now they have moved to power supplies, and we are taking a look at their first offering from them, the XFX 850W Black Edition. Join us as we see how it performs with our Core i7 test system.ocking potential to enhance performance even further. Read on to see how it does!

XFX 850W Black Edition Power Supply

With the fan out of the way we can get a look at the heat sinks and capacitors inside the XFX 850W Black Edition Power Supply. All of the capacitors are high quality Nippon Chemi-Con. Those who are really into power supplies just “ah ha”. For those of us who are not, what we are looking at is Seasonic M12D guts in an XFX wrapper. This same platform drives the PC Power and Cooling Silencer 910 as well. With this many names of big companies known for quality parts this should be one sturdy PSU.


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