XFX 680i LT and 650i Ultra Motherboard Reviews

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Overclocking Results

We expected very similar results from these boards that we have seen in other Nvidia reference boards that we have had on the test bench.  And pretty much, that was the case.  Let’s look at the 650i Ultra board first, since we do not really expect it to do as good as the 680i LT board.

Really, this is not bad at all for our default settings overclock.  Our record overclock for this CPU is not much better that this.  Considering this is a budget board, the overclock is just phenomenal!  How about when using a lower multiplier?  What can we get out of the board?  Well, take a look…

Not as good as I had hoped for.  We have seen other 650i Ultra results much higher that this.  In fact, when we reviewed the eVGA 650i Ultra, we were able to reach a fsb of 488, so this was a bit disappointing.

Ok, now for the XFX 680i LT, how did it fair?

Just 1 fsb more than the 650i Ultra board, but still a very good overclock, and near the top speed we are able to do with this CPU.  Let’s see if it can do any better with the multiplier lowered to 6x…

Well, it did better, but it is still not where we would like to see it.  To be honest, with the ability to run your ram unlinked, lowering your multiplier may not even be the best thing to do any more.  That all comes down to you… and what do you want to do with your board.

Stick a fork in it, this thing is done, so let’s wrap it up!

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