Xbox One Titanfall Special Edition Console Available March 11th For $499 – Pre-Order Now!

Microsoft has just announced a limited edition $499 Titanfall console bundle, where the Xbox One will come with a free download of the game starting March 11th. Titanfall is shaping up to be the first true “system seller” for the Xbox one game console and looks to have a ton of hype. Titanfall is the first original shooter for the next generation, offering thrilling, dynamic first-person action gameplay. Titanfall features elite assault pilots and agile, heavily-armored, 24-foot titans. “Titanfall” delivers a unique world that combines pure adrenaline, wall-running, double-jumping action with powerful, fast-paced titan warfare to set the new bar for online multiplayer gameplay.

The Microsoft Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Includes:

  • Download code for a digital copy of “Titanfall”
  • Standard Xbox One console and Kinect sensor
  • Standard Xbox One wireless controller
  • Standard Xbox One Chat Headset
  • One month Xbox Live Gold membership

Microsoft put this bundle together to celebrate the launch of Titanfall and will only be available for a limited time. The only thing missing from the bundle is the XBox One Titanfall Limited Edition Wireless Controller. If Microsoft would have included that controller it would have been a pretty epic bundle! The Xbox One “Titanfall” Bundle is available to pre-order right now for $499.99 ahead of it’s March 11th launch. The $499 price tag is about $60 less than what everything would cost individually, so you are essentially getting Titanfall for free if you want to look at it that way.

Microsoft Titanfall Xbox One Bundle