Xbox One Day One Edition Unboxing Video Released By Microsoft!

Are you wondering what stuff will be included inside the box on the Microsoft Xbox One Day One Edition? Major Nelson has released a video where he unboxed the official retail version of the Xbox One. Don’t get upset that someone has the Xbox One before you as he is Microsoft’s director of programming for Xbox Live and his real name is Larry Hryb!


Among the items shown off in the video are a special “Day One” edition of the console, a controller, the next-generation Kinect motion sensor, a 4k-capable HDMI cable, and an Xbox One chat headset. The biggest shocker here is the inclusion of a headset that is valued at $24.99 when purchased separately. Inside he confirms that the Xbox One will have a 500GB hard drive and an 8-core x86 processor.


Xbox One is scheduled for release this November in North America and from what we can tell Walmart is the only store that is currently accepting pre-orders still for he Day One Edition. Check out the Xbox One game console unboxing video below!


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