World’s smallest NVIDIA ION2 based PC Launched – Giada N20

Giada Technology just introduced the Giada N20 Ultra Mini PC at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference. The Giada N20 is the world’s smallest PC based on the next generation NVIDIA ION processor, and can handle rich media with ease through its embedded Adobe Flash, H.264, and its Blu-Ray hardware decoder which is based on the NVIDIA GT218 graphics with 512MB dedicated graphics memory. This graphics also runs most PC games well. The Giada N20 is powered by the Intel Atom Processor D510, 2GB of DDR2 system memory, a 320GB hard drive and runs on Windows 7 Home Premium. Not bad features for a device this small (160 x 175 x 23mm) that has an MSRP of $449.

Giada N20 Ultra Mini PC

The Giada N20 is designed with the best of the PC gaming technologies, and offers a stable, full-speed, wide-coverage platform for delivering stunning content. With its modern design, mini size, silent operation, the low-power Intel Atom Processor D510 CPU (with its performance improved by 20% compared with the Intel Atom 330), and the next generation NVIDIA ION graphics solution (the 3D performance is twice that of the earlier NVIDIA ION), it can support DirectX 10.1, full HD 1080p playback and 3D Blu-ray. The Giada N20 delivers a robust visual experience like never before.


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