Witcher 1 Prologue Remade in Witcher 3 Engine by Fans

Give a geek some time and the sweet Witcher 3 engine and geeks can do some very cool things. A fan-made mod for Witcher 3 recreates the entire original Witcher prologue and that entire prologue is playable. The mod gives gamers the entire first hour of Geralt’s first game.

The mod is not perfect according to PC Gamer, but it looks good and most of that original outing prologue is in the mod. The trailer at the bottom of the story shows the full play-through of the mod. It does give spoilers so if you haven’t played the original game and want to, I’d skip that trailer.

The mod does have installation instructions that you might make you want to skip it altogether. Namely, you can’t have any other mods installed and play this new mod. The modders behind this creation have no intention of remaking the entire original game in the Witcher 3 engine.

It took the modders a year to make the prologue alone. An entire year for about an hour of playable game is an undertaking indeed.