Western Digital to Deliver Next Generation VelociRaptor Soon

Western Digital has decided that it is time to release the fifth-generation Raptor hard drive. Reports are Western Digital plans to buck the trend of many storage companies focusing on Solid State Drives (or SSDs), but releasing a next-generation 600GB, 10k RPM drive with upwards of 64MB cache. This new Raptor should cost around the same as that of a 300GB VelociRaptor.

WD VelociRaptor

There are still a few areas where the VelociRaptor can beat out SSDs, especially the lower range models which use inferior controllers and/or NAND flash memory. Raptors have traditionally been used as boot drives, in much the same way SSDs are now due to high costs. Most SSDs being sold today are in the 60GB-80GB range for that reason, with a growing shift towards the 120GB mark.


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