WD Scorpio Blue 1TB Notebook Hard Drive Review

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PCMark 7

PCMark 7 Benchmarking

This is our first use of Futuremark PCMark 7 for a processor review. PCMark 7 which is specifically designed for Windows 7. It measures the performance of the latest PC hardware across a variety of common scenarios. PCMark Vantage 7 supports both system level and component level benchmarking and comprises several different test suites but for the purposes of this review, we employed the secondary storage suite. The nice thing about it is that you can submit your scores online and compare against others.

Western Digital Scorpio Blue 1TB Results:

PCMark Vantage Benchmarking

Western Digital Scorpio Black 750GB Results:

PCMark Vantage Benchmarking

Hitachi K5K500 320GB:

PCMark Vantage Benchmarking

Benchmark Results: Looking at the PCMark 7 secondary storage test the WD Scorpio Blue 1TB drive scored 1573 points versus the 1911 points scored on the WD Scorpio Black 750GB and the 1357 points seen on the Hitachi 5K500 hard drive.

Comparison Performance Chart:

HD Tach Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results: Compared to a 5400RPM hard drive like the Hitachi K5K500 320GB the WD Scorpio Blue 1TB performs much better, but was slightly slower than the WD Scorpio Black 750GB drive. This was expected as the WD Scorpio Black 750GB drive is designed for performance and has a faster 7200RPM spindle speed.

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