WD And SanDisk Team Up To Create 5mm Thick Solid State Hybrid Drives

WD today announced that they are collaborating with Sandisk to introduce hybrid storage devices that feature flash memory technology from SanDisk and hard drive technology from WD. SanDisk is supplying a SanDisk iSSS storage device for the WD Black solid state hybrid drive (SSHD), the world’s thinnest 2.5-inch SSHD solution at 5mm thick.

WD Ultra Slim Black SSHD

The WD Black 5mm SSHD are offered in a capacity of 500GB, while utilizing almost 50 percent less volume than current standard notebook hard drives (which are approximately 9.5mm). The low-profile of the solid state hybrid drive is complemented by the extremely small form factor of the SanDisk iSSD, which is built on 19 nanometer (nm) process technology, the world’s smallest and most advanced semiconductor manufacturing process. The WD Black 5mm SSHDs are shipping to OEMs. WD is also currently shipping to OEMs ultra-slim, 7mm and 9.5mm SSHDs for portable devices.

“I am delighted for SanDisk to team up with WD on these exciting new hybrid products,” said Kevin Conley, senior vice president and general manager of client storage solutions at SanDisk. “By combining SanDisk’s unparalleled flash memory expertise and technology with the hard drive know-how of WD, WD Black SSHDs offer outstanding hard drive-like capacity, and the slim form factor and the level of performance that you will only get with flash memory solutions.”


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