VooDoo to release watercooled Gaming-PC

VooDoo PC will release a high-end H20 cooled gaming PC as part of their their RAGE series. To be named the RAGE f:5, early spec’s include an A64 FX55 processor, dual nVidia graphic’s cards, and an SLI Nforce-4 motherboard. The CPU, GPU’s and chipset are all watercooled. The black aluminum case looks similiar to VooDoo’s HEXX on steroids, featruing a chromed interior, large side window, and reactive green die in the watertubing. In true BTX fashion it look’s as though the PSU is situated on the bottom of the case, along with the CPU, while the videocards are “right side-up” at the top. Watercooling will undoubtedly make this one of the best performer’s on the market, and literally turn the modern PC on it’s head. A photo of the f:5 ATX/BTX hybrid can be found here



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