Vizo Mini Ninja Notebook Cooler Review

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Performance and Conclusion

Mini Ninja In Use

I conducted the following temperature tests using a Dell Inspiron 1520 with an Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 and Nvidia 8400GS graphics card.  Each test was conducted for five minutes, with ten minutes in between each test.  For the idle test, I left the just the OS running, no programs running whatsoever.  For the load tests, I used Stanford’s Folding at Home SMP client, which utilizes both cores of the T7300 at one hundred percent load.  With no Cooler the Laptop idles at 34C and loads at 57C.  For comparison I used the popular Zalman ZM-NC1000 Notebook Cooler. 

Temperature Comparison

As we can see from the tests, the Vizo Mini Ninja Cooler does well to match the idle temperatures achieved by the Zalman ZM-NC1000 Cooler, and drops the stock idle temp of the laptop by 2C, but the Zalman pulls ahead in the load test.  The Zalman managed to drop the load temperatures by a full 5C more than the Vizo.  The two coolers managed to drop the stock load temperatures by a whopping 7C for the Vizo and 12C by the Zalman. In regards to battery life while using this product, there is little to no drain on the battery life.  After using it for a week, going from class to class, I noticed a 3 minute drop in battery life.

Vizo Mini Ninja Box and Cooler

Final Thoughts:

As we can see from the tests, the Vizo cooler is no slouch in the cooler game.  It is clear that Vizo did its research by including a T-USB adapter, and by allowing movable, yet efficient and quiet cooling fans.  While the unit has many good features, it does have one fault that can easily be rectified – to not use tape to affix the honeycomb grill on unit. 

The price for the Vizo Mini Ninja Cooler is a little high at $29.99, and its availability is a bit spotty in the United States, but I can see this changing as Vizo becomes more established.  The Mini Ninja’s light weight and portability make it an idle candidate for any traveler. 


Legit Bottom Line: The Vizo Mini Nija Notebook Cooler was able to lower the temperatures at idle and load on our notebook and costs under $30.

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