Vizo Mini Ninja Notebook Cooler Review

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The Vizo Mini Ninja In Detail

Mini Ninja Components

The Mini Ninja arrived to us in elegant looking packaging.  Enclosed, were two screws, the USB power adapter, and the cooling unit itself.

Vizo Mini Ninja USB Power Cable

The power adapter is a very unique design, one I have never seen.  As seen above, the adapter on one end has a female USB connector, and on the opposite end, the adapter has a male connector.  Vizo included this adapter to alleviate the lose of a USB connector on a laptop.  Most laptops come with a limited amount of USB connectors and with new laptops emerging like the Apple MacBook Air which only has one USB adapter,  this would be a lifesaver.

Mini Ninja Bottom

The unit itself is made of a study brushed aluminum, painted with a matte finish.  The unit has a cutout to which a stamped honeycomb grill is covering two Vizo labeled fans. One construction aspect that I think can be improved on by the Vizo design team is that the stamped honeycomb grill that is attached with tape.  The average user will never see the bottom of the unit but to the discerning eye, this is one small touch that could be improved on.  The two fans are encased in a housing that can be adjusted an inch in either direction to help direct the proper airflow according to your laptops unique cooling needs.   

Mini Ninja Power Jack

Here, you can also see the aforementioned tape that is used to keep honeycomb grill from sliding out of the unit.   It also seems the Mini Ninja is more of a desk use laptop cooler.  I say this because it does not cover the entire body of a 15.4 inch laptop base and is rather uncomfortable in your lap. The fan blades are also not entirely covered, so with loose clothing on the fan blades could be damaged or broken. When it comes to using the Mini Ninja on a solid surface it places the notebook on a rather steep angle, but it does help to alleviate wrist pain for those that will be typing a while.  It forces your hands to be in the correct position for typing by being like this.

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