Vivid Radio to Launch on SiriusXM Channel 102

Vivid Radio to Launch on SiriusXM Channel 102

First Full-Time Radio Channel from Vivid Entertainment, the World’s Leading Adult Film Company


Vivid Radio

NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2013 — Vivid Entertainment, the world’s leading adult film company and the most widely recognized brand of the modern adult era, today announced it will launch Vivid Radio on SiriusXM on November 18.


Vivid Radio will be broadcast live from Vivid’s L.A. headquarters and will be heard on SiriusXM channel 102. Programming will feature the famous Vivid Girls, celebrity sex tape stars and other top adult performers. Content will cover the entire spectrum of sexual adventure from behind-the-scenes goings-on to outrageous, engaging and explicit entertainment.

“We are thrilled to launch Vivid Radio on SiriusXM,” said Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment. “We look forward to bringing our innovative style and close relationships both inside and outside the industry, to create a fresh new take on the adult radio format.”


About Vivid: Founded in 1984, Vivid Entertainment is the leading source for quality erotic film entertainment and has created wide brand-name awareness through its films, innovative marketing and licensing programs. Vivid-branded products range from condoms and apparel to vodka, to name a few. This year Vivid licensed its powerful brand for gentlemen’s clubs and opened locations in Charlotte, Miami, Los Angeles and New York with commitments in a host of other major cities. Vivid’s movies are seen online, in DVD, VOD and now on its own network, Vivid TV in over 60 million homes nationwide, as well as in Europe, Canada and Latin America, with new cable systems launching monthly. Its Vivid-Celeb imprint made “celebrity sex tape” a household word and helped launch the Kardashian phenomenon in the process. Vivid is the most awarded studio in the history of the industry and its high-budget productions remain the most acclaimed couples-friendly adult films ever produced. Starting on November 18, 2013, Vivid Radio—Vivid’s 24/7 radio channel—airs on SiriusXM channel 102. Mainstream television audiences got to know the company through two seven-part series on Showtime, as well as through publications ranging from The New York Times to Forbes and on TV networks from CNBC to ABC. Vivid founder/co-chairman Steven Hirsch recently received the first AVN Visionary Award as a leader who “has propelled innovation, and taken his company and the business to whole new heights.” For more on Vivid visit or

  • David

    So far I am going to cancel the channel. Horrible on hosts. No “sex” content. Just a bunch of girls who are advertising themselves and talking about stories that I can care less about. Bring back Radio Sex with Christy and Ginger. Am so disappointed with Vivid Radio.

  • Dave3979

    Channel is terrbile! No one worth listening to. I want Christy and Ginger back, they were funny and they were real. Always enjoyed their topics.

  • Tom Servo

    This is going to suck just as bad as their last attempt. Let’s see? The will talk about the same crap they did the last attempt. Plus dude will call in for phone sex (How Original). Bring back Kylie and Raylene dammit! They were interesting and enjoyable.

  • Guest

    WHY Should I PAY FOR SATELLITE RADIO? is Number 1 adult content radio Has Hott stars like AMBER LYNN and ITS FREE! this is just the same stuff different owner.

    • RipperCJ69

      Howard Stern… that’s why.


    Why pay for satellite radio at all ?XXXPornstarradio is the NUMBER 1 adult content radio.

  • jim

    Where is Ginger and Christy this really sucks.

  • baby j

    What happened to chocolatd radio. Nyomi banxxx is the only noncorny person I can hear talk about sex

  • porns4me

    what happened to Christy and Ginger, the best channel siriusxm had. the new promo for vivid stinks. whoever came up with this idea should be FIRED instead of the 2 best personalities on radio.

  • trev

    this program is horrible! Its the same stuff every 15 minutes over and over. If you’re going to take christy canyon and Ginger Lynn of the radio why wouldn’t you be prepared!?

  • MSNfanof102

    Sirius 102 was RadioSex. All that’s happening is ch 102 is just making the switch from RadioSex to Vivid Radio, and that’s great. But what sucks, is that we will hear the prerecoreded promo for the next 3 weeks until the actual air of Vivid on 11-18-13. It will be much the same as RadioSex but I hate having to wait 3 weeks for them to go live.

  • chuckz

    What kind of radio station is this? It’s all pre-recorded. I hope this isn’t forever.

  • jacky

    and so we wait until Nov 18 for content? and listen to Annie Fkn Cruise repeat herself for the next fkn 3 weeks? r u kidding me? Get a grip! Clearly the most frustrating radio station EVER… Sirius XM what are you thinking? How can you launch in this fashion, poor poor executive admin.

    • JohnnyB

      As far as I’m concerned, Sirius has gone down hill over the years!
      You now have to pay extra for internet radio and losing Playboy Radio sucks. I mss “cookie monster”. Just hope Vivid is as good.