VIA’s $49 APC Manages To Sell Out In Just 24 Hours

VIA’s Neo-ITX Android PC system (APC) has managed to sell out in just 24 hours. The system, while not as small as their competitor Raspberry Pi, made waves when it was announced and seems it wasn’t just false hype. The unit, which we reported on last month, is comprised of a WonderMedia ARM 11 800MHz CPU, 512MB DDR3, 2GB NAND Flash storage and of course a built-in 2D/3D graphic capability which can output 720p. Using the Neo-ITX standard that is just 170x85mm (W x H), this little box that can is mostly focused toward internet browsing unlike the Raspberry Pi which is more programmer-oriented. While the $49 APC has sold out, users can still enter their emails on the APC site so they can be alerted when the next batch is ready. For those that bought the VIA APC, the units should ship sometime in July. So if you’re desperately in need of a mini PC, sign up and keep checking that email, you might get lucky with the next batch.

VIA $49 Android PC


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