Valve’s Steam Big Picture Mode On The Way

It’s been hinted at and teased by Valve since GDC 2011 when they announced Steam Big Picture Mode, then all went quiet. As of now, according to Jason Holtman of Valve, who was speaking with PCGamesN “it’s coming, soon”. Big Picture Mode is essentially just another experiment that Valve is working on and that the community and how they use this new feature will determine what they do next. That said, Valve doesn’t want to rush it either, saying “We’re trying to make it a really good initial experience, and then see what happens.” This new feature of course stems from the fact that a great deal of users have large televisions or surround sound systems and they want to make the most of it with their PC games, Valve will be attempting to do just that allowing their customers to experience the content they’ve paid for on their other display and sound devices by using a gamepad and new TV friendly interface. Essentially it brings your PC gaming to the couch in an easier to access manner.

Steam Logo

In other news, Jason Holtman also stated that Valve has no plans to change or alter their approach to digital sales. That the EU Court of Justice ruling, which we reported on earlier, will not impact how they do business. With reports of Steam’s Greenlight service, Big Picture Mode, Summer Sale, and more, Valve is really on a roll right now. Only thing left to announce would be Half-Life 3 but Valve likes to play coy so dont get your hopes up. Although they do appreciate everyones enthusiasm for the series.

Steam Big Picture Mode is a long teased thing of mystery. Announced over a year ago at GDC 2011, the mode should allow PC gamers to play, start and interact with their Steam games using a gamepad and TV friendly interface and. But it’s been kept under wraps by Valve since the announcement.

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